The 15 foods you can eat without gaining weight!

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Surely from time to time you will have wondered what you can eat without gaining weight, to soothe your feeling of hunger but also not to break your daily routine and take in a lot of extra calories. I will show you what to watch out for so that you eat balanced every day, without being deprived. Choose your favorite foods or snacks and see how full you will feel without gaining more weight and pounds. 15 Foods so you can eat without gaining weight! Vegetables so you do not gain weight Cauliflower
Cauliflower is an extremely nutritious vegetable that you can eat cleaned and cooked as a salad and as an accompaniment to your food.


cucumber vegetable
Cucumber is known as one of the lightest vegetable snacks you can eat. Clean it and cut it into small pieces for daily snacks between meals or make a light tzatziki with 200-250 grams. strained yogurt 0-2%, 1 clove of garlic and 1/2 tablespoon olive oil to accompany your lunch or dinner.


Cabbage is a very tasty and nutritious vegetable that you can easily eat as a salad at any time of the day. Cut it into small strips, add grated carrots, parsley and whatever other spice or vegetable you want, half a lemon and half a tablespoon of olive oil. You can eat this salad as many times as you want.


Carrots are a great food for everyone. You can grate them, add a little lemon and eat them at any time of the day. You can even boil them, add a little oil and consume them when you feel like you want a snack.

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Broccoli is a nutritious vegetable that should be in the diet of every person for its benefits and its very low calories. Clean it, boil it and enjoy it as a salad as many times as you want.


Zucchini is a wonderful food that you can consume in many ways. Of course, pancakes are a food calorie bomb, but you can easily make delicious pumpkin meatballs with vegetables and a little feta cheese and have a healthy snack for your daily life. Fruit to not get fat


Apples are a delicious winter fruit that is not high in calories and is ideal for those who pay attention to their diet.


Tangerines are great for your daily intake of Vitamin C and are juicy and delicious. Still, they do not have many calories and you can eat them without regrets.


Oranges are known for their high content of Vitamin C and you can consume them either as food or as juice. They have few calories and many benefits for the body.


This favorite summer fruit has few calories so you can consume it without fear in large quantities.


pineapple fruit
Pineapple is a unique fruit that you can eat without gaining weight whenever you want. It also helps your metabolism burn fat faster.


Berries are a delicious fruit that you can eat either plain or in your lean yogurt and not worry about unnecessary calories. Foods to not get fat


Eggs are extremely nutritious and delicious. You can eat boiled eggs or omelette without oil without fear. It is good to consume up to 3 eggs a day, while if you like them very much, reduce the yolk and consume the egg white, which is lighter for the body.

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Unsalted nuts

unsalted nuts
If you like nuts, prefer unsalted ones that do not burden the body with unnecessary calories and are lighter and digestible.

Yogurt 0-2%

Yogurt with 0-2% fat is extremely light and you can consume it between your meals when you feel that you are not full. You can eat up to 2 such yogurts a day to which you can add the fruits I mentioned above for more flavor.These are the foods you can eat without gaining weight as many times as you want during the day and not worry about unnecessary calories and fats.

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