Learn how you can lose up to five kilos naturally with the famous diet!

Learn how you can lose up to five kilos naturally with the famous diet!

The best way to lose weight is to change eating habits, reduce size evenly, and not leave the skin sagging or show stretch marks.

The skin suffers a lot with the weight changes constantly. Having a slim body is It is important that you encourage yourself in a healthy way and live a life active.

What can it be Walk in a park daily until you exercise at high intensity
Weights It all depends on whether you like the fitness of life. The important thing is that. Don’t stay inactive as your metabolism slows down with life

If you want to lose Activate weight so that the metabolism works and the accumulated fat burns. Also Eat foods that encourage weight loss. So we’ll teach you one. Diet that revolutionizes social networks.

New diet to lose 5 pounds naturally

This diet tea It will allow you to adjust a new way of feeding and it will also help you lose 5 kg in a short time. If you want to restore your figure, you have to do it Slimming method.

Day 1:

Breakfast: 1 whole toast or 2 biscuits and 2 slices
of pineapple

Lunch: steamed broccoli with grilled chicken and 2
Pineapple slices.

Dinner: salad with grilled chicken and two slices of pineapple.

Day 2:

Breakfast: 2 wholemeal bread toasts, 1 natural yoghurt
and 2 slices of pineapple.

Lunch: 200 g grilled salmon and 2
Pineapple slices.

Dinner: a can of tuna and sliced ​​pineapple.

Day 3:

Breakfast: a coffee, 2 slices of pineapple and 2 cookies

Lunch: grilled breast, steamed vegetables and
Pineapple slices.

Dinner: 2 slices of pineapple and vegetable creams.

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Season with the food Olive oil, salt and pepper make it healthier. You also have to Accompany this diet with a routine of exercises or walks so you can you reach the desired weight and are healthier.

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