If you follow these four golden rules, you will lose 5 kg a week

Many diets have come into vogue, and some of them, after leaving them, have lowered you so quickly that you can immediately go back up and even have a double, yoyo diet. If you want to start the year on the right foot, you should change some eating habits, which is why it is important to read this article and learn a little more.

The change needs to start inside out, and the best thing you can do is to start changing your eating habits; you have to commit to not eating certain things in excessive amounts to keep your mind balanced change and get the chip healthy and fit.

You must avoid by all means the rebound effect because you regain your weight and more about it. Doing so leads to frustration and bad habits in your diet A diet of this type becomes fatter faster than before because you will lose control and you will go ahead.

Follow these recommendations, you will gradually go under, but if you are in control, you can keep it for a long time and today I’m going to show you the most important rules you have to continue so that you don’t return those extra pounds.

Golden rules to lose 4 pounds a week

These are the most relevant recommendations. If you want to lose weight effectively and healthily, don’t forget them and try to convince yourself.

Water with drinking salt before breakfast, two hours before eating, at least 200 ml every day.

You will like these too.  This thing takes your hunger and allows you to lose weight like crazy

Instead, drink tea coffee, this will detoxify your body. Time burns fat and keeps you calm and free from fear.

Eat more vegetables and fruits, less fat and processed foods, of course everything is better.

Avoid the sugar and carbonated drinks as well as alcoholic beverages remember sugar and alcohol are converted to fat.

In addition to these recommendations, you need to practice a little exercise daily, walk for 30 minutes, dance or ride a bike is a big help, the most important thing is that you don’t stop this process to get your ideal body.

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