Get rid of the fat rolls under your armpits in three steps!

Get rid of the fat rolls under your armpits in three steps!

People who have extra pounds or overweight, usually wearing loose clothing or with Sleeves so as not to be marked by the roles under the armpits, but This is not actually a solution to this problem.

If you want to have a good one Body You should work for it, exercise and eat healthy. The idea is not is that you hide your body out of shame or that you are exhibitionist.

Just use clothes that you  make yourself comfortable and with a high self-esteem because you know that you have a body healthy, tight and beautiful. So you have to work hard on your self esteem and your body

To help you reduce it I show you annoying buns that embarrass you so how to make a smoothie of course, to get rid of the fat under the armpits, but you also have to put from your side to the food so that it has a greater impact on your food body.

Recipe for eliminating the roles under the armpits

These shakes have awesome Detoxifying properties and fat burning therefore help you to reduce the effect the areas where fat accumulates and are difficult to treat Exercise But keep in mind that the outcome depends very much on your lifestyle. You won’t do anything if you drink this smoothie and eat fast food. The ideal prerequisite for a healthy and active life based on this natural treatment.

Next I’ll teach you.


One artichoke

Two slices of pineapple

A lemon

1 glass water

Four almonds

Preparation and consumption:

Add a little in a saucepan Boil water and artichoke for a few minutes. You have to reserve that water.

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Then add the cooked artichoke together with the pineapple and almonds in a blender and beat until homogeneous.

The next step is add the glass of water where you cooked the artichoke, the juice of a lemon, He strikes again and is ready to drink.

That bean shake fasting daily until the buns disappear.

You have to combine this with a good diet and exercise routine so you have that Results you expect.

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