Cinnamon tea: Enjoy the taste, benefit and reduce kilos

Cinnamon tea: Enjoy the taste, benefit and reduce kilos

It is all the more important that the additional kilos can be an incredible challenge. Many do not achieve this in the quick and efficient way that they would like. They are looking for ways to lose weight. However, the methods they use are often not ideal.

There are many recipes that can be Use so we can lose weight, but it is important that you know it that not everything you use can work, we don’t all have the same thing So organism, what works for you does not necessarily have to be Work on the other person.

Another thing you should know is that You need to find the ideal weight loss recipe because you don’t do it alone. They are wasting time and one of the best .We bring you recipes today in this article, in which the The protagonist is cinnamon.

If you are one of those who try everything To lose weight, try this first and you will see how to lose weight fast. We hope this recipe will help you and encourage you to do so. Prepare it because it is wonderful and you will see it.

Weight with cinnamon To lose

Cinnamon is one of the sweetest spices used in the kitchen to give our desserts a delicious taste. However, this spice can also be used with some other meals. Lose weight if you do it the right way.

If you want to use it to lose weight alone.
You have to do some kind of infusion with it and it’s very easy, you just have to Drink it, as we’re going to tell you today, you’re on a low-fat diet
and sugar and undoubtedly this will help you achieve the slim figure.

You will like these too.  If you drink 1 cup of this recipe daily for a week, check your weight after 7 days and it will have a good effect on your body

It is important that you know this in order to do it At work, you shouldn’t do an exhausting exercise routine, but a little physical exercise will suffice, it is not something that requires a lot of effort.

It is prepared with the following ingredients:

1 liter of water

1 cinnamon stick or 5 Teaspoon of cinnamon powder Pulp

Honey pure, e.g.  sweeten

Preparation and consumption

Bring the water to a boil and then break it up. Add cinnamon and cook for 2 minutes. Cover the pot and put out the fire and let stand for a few minutes so the infusion can rest. Add honey sweeten and drink a cup.

You need to drink at least 3 cups a day. Start on an empty stomach and the last one should be before going to sleep.

Thank you for reading.

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