According to studies, no disease could occur before an alkaline diet

According to studies, no disease could occur before an alkaline diet

It has been scientifically proven that when the body’s pH is unbalanced, that is, it remains acidic, when many diseases occur in the body.

Therefore you have to constantly work to balance the pH that will be alkaline, healthy and avoid getting sick. This is achieved with better feeding.

When the organism is alkaline, all processes are administered in an optimal way. You can lose weight, prevent heart disease and even cancer. That is why it is important to achieve alkalizing.

For this it is necessary to eat healthy. We’ll show you how to have an alkaline diet that always allows you to be healthy.

Find out what the alkaline diet is

This diet consists of switching from acidic foods to alkaline ones in order to have physical well-being.

For example, the lemon is an acidic food, but the truth is if it is consumed, it becomes alkaline in the organism. It is beneficial to consume it.

If you have weak nails and hair, dry mouth, headache, often you need to balance the pH of the next away along with other symptoms:

For breakfast you should drink a lemon or green tea with honey. If you don’t like it, prepare a green or fruit juice. It is important that you start the day with a healthy drink.

You can also consume apples, pears, spinach, red or dried fruits.

As a morning snack, eat a fruit or fruit shake.

For lunch, eat steamed vegetables, salad with almonds or raisins, and some fish such as tuna or salmon.

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The second snack of the day is consumed in exactly the same way as in the morning meal.

Eat lightly for dinner, it can be a detox soup or vegetable cream, or steamed vegetables.

So you need to feed yourself daily to balance your body’s pH and avoid getting sick. In an alkaline body there is no room for the development of microorganisms or cancer cells.

Consult and research on the Internet that other foods are alkaline so you can include them. Your daily diet is varied and healthy.

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