6 Reasons you gain weight without realizing it!

γυναίκα τρώει ενώ είναι στο κιντό

Maintaining your weight is a difficult task, let alone losing weight. Both processes require determination and consistency. It is important before any attempt to identify the pitfalls that exist around the diet. Thanks to these details you have difficulty with your food and weight while you can easily avoid them. So let’s look at some of these small mistakes in your daily life that prevent you from your ultimate goal. First you have to find them in your life and then change them!

6 Habits that cause you to gain weight!

1. Eat more food so that it does not stay!

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You will definitely have the chance to cook a little more than you should. And so that it does not remain, you will think ‘Let me eat it so that it does not stay’. If the above is 2-3 bites okay, but if you end up eating twice as much as the normal size you would eat, then this habit can cost you extra pounds. Double portion also means double calories!

2. You do not control your portions!

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It is important that the portions you eat are controlled. Pay attention to the quantities you put on your plate and try to eat from all food groups. Maintain a visually consistent image of your dish in terms of quantity so you know how much and what you eat. If this does not help you, you can weigh your food or use mobile applications such as my fitness pal!

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3. You consume a lot of ‘dietary’ foods!

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Dietary foods you eat without counting include sweeteners, cereal and protein bars, huge juices, ready-made salads and soft drinks with 0% sugar. These foods trick you into consuming them incessantly while in fact they lead you to starve more!

4. You drink a lot of drinks!

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Another reason you get fat is drinks. Many coffees, soft drinks with or without sugar, natural juices and drinks are some of the reasons you take in unnecessary calories. Prefer to eat and not ‘drink’ your calories so that you feel fuller!

5. Eat healthy foods but in large quantities!

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Healthy foods can trick you into thinking you are eating healthy and consuming too many calories that lead to obesity. You need to pay attention to healthy foods that still have a lot of calories. A shocking example is the nuts from which you can get a lot of calories without realizing it. Other such foods are dried fruits, milk, protein smoothies and peanut butter!

6. You constantly justify yourself!

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I will exercise afterwards’, ‘I had a difficult day today’, ‘I have time to eat sweets’, ‘I got a promotion at work, I deserve a little more food’. These are just a few of the excuses you can give yourself every day to eat without guilt. Of course, the exact opposite, that is, incrimination, is just as bad to happen. Treat yourself with honesty, realism and self-respect, reward him when he should but set the limits he should!

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