Between tailored suits and tennis. How Kamala Harris reinterpreted fashion with strategy


Sober colors, tailored suit and sometimes Converse tennis shoes. This is how the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, presents her solid and particular style for any other woman.
There are two sides: those who agree to wear a suit with tennis shoes and those who do not. And in the middle is Kamala Harris’s speech to bet on Converse with her tailored suits. If the style of the vice president-elect called you, this textile and footwear journey shows how fashion is political.


A journey through the tailored suit, converse sneakers and the style of Kamala Harris.
The female tailored suit dates back to the 19th century, when jackets with a collar were on the rise in men’s fashion, and for women they were tight and fitted. Then came Christian Dior in the fifties to enhance the female figure and implemented long skirts with a jacket. From the seventies to the eighties designers such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan rose to promote smart business fashion, a set for the business woman.
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From the monarchy and even to red carpets, the tailored suit has become a foundation of women’s fashion to provide functionality and trend. Fashion sociologist Susan Saulquin’s book, The Politics of Appearances, states that clothing represents “who I am, who I want to be, and how others see me.”

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Betting on sober colors
The first woman to be a vice president of the United States does not risk a complicated color palette. If you are one of those who prefers to use sober colors to put together the look, you can pay attention to Kamala.
Harris opts for navy blue and black, a duet that was previously banned in the fashion vocabulary but has been accepted little by little. When we see her in this set, she usually highlights a set of pearls.

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This is where the two sides of the coin come in: combine it with medium-heeled stilettos or tennis shoes. In El País España they mention that “it is not a representative of the old traditional politics”, but it has managed to position its image with versatility.
A double ‘yes’ to sneakers
During a rally in Florida, Kamala wore Converse sneakers with pins that read “stop hate,” “love 2020,” and “black joy.” But when she is not wearing sneakers with embossed messages, she raises the game with the most traditional possible: white, with a white cotton t-shirt, pants and dress jacket.

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And if it is not the classic bet, it is for the black tennis, which can be combined with any gray jacket and respecting the navy blue pants or other dark tones.

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The white suffragette in her tailored suit to give the speech
There are several winks in the outfit that Kamala used to give her triumphant speech on Saturday November 7th. The white tailored suit is a tribute to the generations of women who made her rise to the vice presidency possible.

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And this is what she said in her words, when she said that she thinks “of the generations of black, Asian, white, Latina, Native American women who paved the way.”
The color white has appeared in countless activist movements led by women. From the suffragettes, through Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman elected in Congress in 1968 to Geraldine Ferraro, the first vice-presidential candidate in the USA in 1984; both dressed totally in white —via DW Español—.
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This same channel points out that even Hilary Clinton opted for a white suit to accept her nomination for the presidency in 2016. And during Donald Trump’s speech on the State of the Union in February 2019, the Democrats in Congress dressed in white.

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Novelist and teacher Alison Laurie wrote an essay, The Language of Fashion, in which she reaffirms that clothing is our first language. One of its chapters talks about Personal Fashion: Ser y Estar, where it says that the meaning of any article of clothing “depends on the circumstances.” And if for Kamala Harris the “circumstances” evoke sending a message of unity and leadership —in addition to wanting to get along with young people and their sneakers—, the outline of the suit will continue with tennis at any age and gender.

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