6 Accessories to try!

6 Accessories to try!

A smart way to experiment with your style without having to change your entire wardrobe is to try different accessories. By changing the accessories in each outfit you create completely different images. A basic outfit can take a thousand and two forms simply by changing the accessories you choose. A good solution to have many choices in outfits is by investing in accessories of different styles. Here you will find 6 suggestions for women’s accessories that are worth seeing! Women’s accessories to take off your outfits!

Leather gloves for your winter clothes!

winter female look women's leather gloves
Try to combine your winter clothes with a pair of leather gloves. Apart from being very flattering and feminine, the gloves will keep you warm. Complete a look with leather gloves by choosing other leather accessories such as a leather belt, a leather beret or a leather bag!

Choose special socks for your outfits!

tampa women's sandals modern outfit with suit
Special socks are now a trend in women’s clothing. Instead of choosing a neutral color on the socks you can take off an outfit by putting on colored socks or patterned socks. Calculate the socks as part of the styling and highlight them in your every outfit!

Wear accessories in animal prints!

Hair clips breathing masks in animal prints
Animal prints have come to stay for this and are a perfect choice for your accessories. Wear animal prints on your belts, on your bones, on your shoes, on your tights or even on your breathing mask!

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Try a beret!

modern outfit with beret everyday outfit with beret
The beret will give a light Parisian touch to your outfit and will make it more sophisticated and neat, even if you have chosen a pair of jeans with a basic top. Hats in general are a great opportunity to experiment and add more information to your outfits!

Hair jewelry for unique looks!

hair accessorieshair jewelry
Whether you have short or long hair, hair accessories will make you stand out anyway. We are talking about bones, pendants or hair rings that you place accordingly to highlight a hairstyle and add a little shine to your look.

Stand out with your style by wearing body belts!

shirt dress with leather belt dressing with accessories
A slightly more alternative proposal for accessories are the body belts, the so-called harnesses. These belts are not worn in the middle but on the upper part of the body above the clothes. They give a wilder, rock or goth style that stands out. If you are bold enough you can try it on shirts, blouses or dresses!

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