7 jackets and blazers you need in your closet

Blazers and jackets that can not be missing in your wardrobe

Seven jackets and blazers that you need in your wardrobe to dominate the street style If you want to wear outfits with a lot of style, here we tell you the 7 jackets and blazers that cannot be missing in your wardrobe Military jacket Military jackets are garments that have already been used several decades ago, thanks to their straight cut and versatility to adapt to current trends, they have remained an essential garment to complement any outfit. If you like the formal style, you need a military jacket in your closet, you will love its details such as the large buttons and shoulder pads, which characterize it.
Militar jacket

Blazer Blazers are a classic par excellence, this garment is capable of transforming almost any outfit, so it cannot be missing in your wardrobe. Create formal combinations with a suit or more casual with jeans and sportswear, our favorites are: Oversized, in addition to being a basic, this blazer becomes an ideal dress for a night out, so this investment is a 2X1. Tight to the body, this style is much more formal, so matching a suit will look very professional.

Basic garment blazer

Biker Leather-style jackets are also essential garments in your wardrobe, since in addition to being the pampered ones For a rougher look, they also add a touch with more personalities to your outfits. It doesn’t matter if you choose it in pink, wine, green or the iconic black, this garment will save you on countless occasions.
Biker jacket

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