ZARA HOME Catalog 2020 with the Best of Autumn


Zara Home Catalog 2020

Are you looking for inspiration and ideas to decorate your home at a good price without spending too much? Here you have the new Zara Home 2020 catalog with a selection of the most beautiful and most desired of the fall season. With my opinions and how to take advantage of it according to the decoration of your house.

The Zara Home brand has become one of the most popular in home interior design, creating trends that decorators follow when designing bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. Both large pieces such as furniture and lamps, as decorative objects, textiles, bedding, tableware, etc.

Zara Home Bedroom

The Zara Home catalog for bedrooms focuses on bedding, such as duvet covers, duvets, sheets, bedspreads, blankets, and there are also cushions, headboards, curtains.

Soft tones are the protagonists of this year, with gray, cream, earthy, metallic, pastel colors. Like this cotton bedspread in gray melange effect. Soft colors look great in modern and minimalist bedrooms, and can be combined with a textile (cushions, curtains, armchairs) in intense colors.

Gray bedspread from the Zara Home catalog

This other flannel duvet cover with paisley print looks great with dark brown furniture. Although we can also bet on contrasting colors.

Catalog Zara Home Nordic bedroom

Because the intense touches add contrast and life to the room, with yellow being the most popular because it brings warmth, energy and light.

White duvet cover with Zara Home patterns

But if what you like are prints, don’t worry, even if minimalism is worn, they never go out of style. And the old thing, with little yellow touches, it looks much better.

Printed sheets Zara Home new catalog

With the cushions we are going to give life to the bedroom, here you can skip the style rules and choose the one that most catches your attention. The important thing is to achieve contrasts, so if you have a smooth decoration in neutral tones, it is good that the cushions have color or patterns.

Cushions with color designs from Zara Home

If you have a colorful decoration, put cushions in soft tones to create balance and the aforementioned contrasts. This new catalog is packed with earthy colors, creams, blues and burgundy to calm the rooms.

New Zara Home catalog with cushions

With the curtains and sheers we follow the same pattern, soft, earthy and yellow tones, including of course floral prints that are always a good solution.

Shower curtains for the bathroom from the Zara Home catalog

It is important to maintain consistency when decorating. You can combine floral curtains with a plain bedspread, but share the same tones. To break patterns, there are already cushions and small rugs, large textiles have to marry each other.

Zara Home Bathroom

The bathroom catalog is aimed at towels, rugs and curtains, without forgetting the bathroom sets and storage baskets, which are sorely needed to keep everything in order.

The idea is the same as in the bedrooms, create contrasts, this time with the towels and the curtains. For example, if your bathroom is very light, put bright colored towels and a shower curtain that is not all white.

Shower towels from the Zara Home catalog

If the bathroom has tiles with a lot of color, the towels should reduce the visual force, in white and cream colors with a white curtain as smooth as possible.

Towels to match the shower curtains at Zara Home

With the accessories, such as the sets and the bath mats, and the baskets to keep everything organized you can do as with the shoes, the bag and the belt, combine them. In this way consistency is created and the result is more visually attractive.

Bathroom accessories for sale at Zara Home

Baskets and rugs Zara Home catalog

SPA Collection

Within the Zara Home bathroom catalog we find a novelty, the SPA Collection selection with precious products to relax with a hot bath.

Catalog Zara Home Bathroom SPA Collection

Bathroom accessories at Zara Home

There is a bit of everything you might need to spend a quiet and pleasant time in our bathroom as if we were in a SPA. The careful design stands out with a vintage wooden aesthetic that has me in love.

Zara Home Dining Room

If you are looking to give a new air to the dining room you are in luck because they have everything for the table. From table linens and napkins, through cutlery, crockery and glassware, as well as dishes, trays and accessories.

I really like the Zara Home 2020 catalog of dining tablecloths, there is a huge variety of designs to choose from in a lot of colors. In addition, for each tablecloth they have the dishes, glasses and cutlery that best match, so it is super easy if you have to buy everything, or to choose the most successful tablecloth according to your plates, glasses and cutlery.

Tablecloths from the Zara Home catalog for the dining room

What I love, and in my opinion is a notch above Ikea, are the glasses, goblets, cutlery and plates. They have such a variety of designs, and they are so beautiful, that I want to buy more models even if there is no room for anything in the cabinets.

Zara Home catalog of glassware, tableware and cutlery

The nice thing is that all the pieces combine, but the usual thing is that we only need the glassware, or the cutlery, or the crockery. Then try to make the colors similar, all yellow tones, or all pink tones for example. Complementary colors like pink and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple also look good.

With white plates you will be able to choose the glassware in the color that you like the most. And if you choose a modern cutlery with wooden handles, it will be super cool.

If you already have the table ready and now what you want is to decorate the dining room, you will find a lot of possibilities in the next section.

Zara Home Decoration

In the Zara Home decoration catalog there is everything without classifying it by room, from tables, armchairs, drawers, table lamps, mirrors and vases, such as photo frames, boxes, candle holders, handles, rugs and cushions.

If you have a while, it’s a good idea to walk through the different sections because there are super cool things. If you don’t have that much time here, let’s see the ones that are the most successful in 2020.

Mirrors are essential in decoration, firstly because we have to look at each other before leaving home, and secondly because they manage to increase the feeling of spaciousness. The sun mirrors are already a classic that will not go out of style, and if what you are looking for is the opposite, there are super beautiful minimalist mirrors.

Sun and minimalist wall mirrors at Zara Home

There are also rugs of many types and colors. These are the simple ones with patterns and stripes that look good anywhere, and for the more daring, ethnic rugs that simulate animal skin are back, although of course they are synthetic.

Carpet catalog at Zara Home

There is no home without photos, and for them some super simple black frames look good in modern and minimalist styles. If you like vintage more there are also some to choose from.

Photo frames and photo frames at Zara Home

Cabinet door handles are not usually taken into account, but by changing them you can inexpensively get a good change to the kitchen and bedrooms. They seem small but they achieve a great visual effect.

Cabinet handles to buy at Zara Home

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