Ideas to decorate a small balcony with flowers!

Now that spring has officially arrived, it’s time to turn your balcony into a small paradise of relaxation with plants. If the balcony of your house is not big, do not worry. I have found the most wonderful ideas for the house, to decorate a small balcony with plants and flowers! There are hundreds of combinations of colors, flowers, styles, etc. I suggest you, before choosing what you will do on your own balcony, to make a plan of the space on a piece of paper. You will have a picture of the final result in front of you. Thus, you will make the transformation of your small balcony a toy. How to decorate your small balcony with flowers & plants! 1. Pots hung on a wall / wall shelves An incredible idea to decorate a small balcony with plants or flowers is to take advantage of the space offered by the side wall. Thus, not only do you beautify your balcony, but you also save space, as you do not spend even an inch of the floor by placing pots there! There are many ways to put your favorite flowers with this in mind. One is to buy / make shelves where you will place the pots. Another is to hang them without support shelves, on the divider, if they are of the type as in the photo.
small balcony shelves with pots wall pots on shelves decoration of a small balcony with pots on a wall wall shelves with flower pots
hanging pots

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