Ideas for lighting the kitchen

Ideas to illuminate the kitchen and create different environments.
When a reform needs to be carried out, one of the parts of the project where more care is taken is the lighting part. Today in the Boho Chic Style decoration Blog I bring you a post with ideas to illuminate the kitchen with LEDs, with the help of OptimaLed, a specialist company in Led lighting for the Home.
The kitchen is one of the rooms that needs more light to be able to work in it without problem. It is necessary to differentiate at least 3 light sources in addition to the natural light that we may have; General light, light on the work area and light in the office or island.
In the following image you can clearly see the 3 light sources.
Ideas to illuminate the kitchen and create different environments.Image via Abduzeedo
#one. General lighting in a kitchen:
This is the light that we turn on first, the one that allows us to move around the kitchen without problem. Generally downlights are usually put, depending on the size you have you can put one or even two.
On other occasions, small halogens are also usually placed. The decision will depend mainly on the form of the kitchen.
Image via Homebook (PASS ARCHITEKCI)
#two. Light on the work area:
Although we have the light on the ceiling, sometimes this is not enough, especially when we are working on the countertop, since we ourselves shade ourselves as the light is behind us.
To avoid this small problem and have enough light on the work surface, you can place led strips under the tall kitchen furniture.
In addition to being a very useful light when we are cooking, it is a light that by itself brings warmth to the kitchen and allows it to be turned on as ambient light.
Image via Pinterest
#3. Light in office or island:
When the kitchen is spacious and we have space to place an office or an island, the most appropriate lighting is through suspended lamps. In addition to lighting the table, it will provide us with greater warmth and will be an important decoration element.
Image via Architecture Art Designs
I hope you liked the post and that it helps you if you are thinking of reforming your kitchen! 😉

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