How to decorate a business for Christmas?


Ideas how to decorate a business for Christmas

Christmas is one of the times of the year when businesses are profitable. In some cases it is an extra that comes in handy and in others it is the financial salvation of the year. In any case, you will want many happy customers, so we are going to see how to decorate a business for Christmas 2020 that increases your income.

Here you will see several Christmas decoration ideas, but each business is different and in the end you will have to make the decisions. The most important thing is that you focus on sales, you are not going to decorate your house, your goal is to sell.

If you expect to find a list of recommended Christmas objects, you will not find it, it is not the same to decorate a shop, a bar, a beauty center or an agency. I am going to give you certain tricks to sell more, but the decoration is on your account.

Ideas and tricks to decorate your business this Christmas

How to decorate a coffee bar at Christmas

Try to get the concept, you have to adapt these ideas using logic and certain aesthetic criteria. If you browse this blog a bit you will find everything you need.

1. The entrance has to be a magnet

In bars and shops especially, the entrance has to be a magnet that attracts the gaze of people who pass by. You don’t have to turn it into a fair, but it does have to be eye-catching.

Use lights, and if you can, follow the decoration of the 2020 Christmas tree with its snow and gifts on the ground. The ideal is to do it in the shop window, but not if you can try to get permission from the city hall to put it on the street. This is step number 1, if no customers come in, you’re not going to sell.

How to decorate a shop window for Christmas?

If you have a store it is important that the lights remain in the entrance. Inside they would distract the attention of customers and what interests you is to focus their attention on the products you sell, the decoration has to be a sales stimulus, not a show.

2. The interior must be full of Christmas spirit

Decoration of a store at Christmas

Several neuromarketing studies conclude that when people get into the Christmas spirit they spend more money. Christmas is pure nostalgia, and nostalgia takes us back to times where everything was better and easier.

At that moment, areas of the brain are activated that make us feel good, the emotional part overlaps the rational and leads us to buy more things than we had thought.

You can decorate the interior with wrapped boxes as if they were gifts. If your business is of high standing, use high quality paper in metallic colors. If your business is a simple neighborhood store, use brightly colored papers that make customers happy.

Do not put old or worn ornaments, the decoration has to give a feeling of abundance, nobody wants to buy in a decadent place.

Essential is to buy a lush Christmas tree and make it the center of all eyes. A well decorated tree with gifts wrapping its feet is beautiful.

The idea is that the interior is beautiful, you can decorate it however you want, we all know what Christmas decoration is like, and if not, you just have to go to large shopping centers to copy them.

Ideas on how to decorate a shop at Christmas

3. Use the senses to immerse them in your world

This point is related to the previous one, the sense of sight, but now we are going to talk about hearing and smell, because when they enter your business they have to be transported to your Christmas world.

Play Christmas carols and upbeat music. If your customers are going to be in your place for a long time, don’t always bore them with the same thing, a little variety is fine. You can combine old and new carols and take little breaks by playing upbeat music that doesn’t sound so much like Christmas.

Smell is one of the senses with the most activation potential. You can put aromas typical of your area, such as the smell of roasted chestnuts, the smell of fresh pine trees, the smell of homemade broth, the smell of something typical that smelled when your customers were small.

Summary on how to decorate a business for Christmas

Decoration ideas for a business at Christmas

This article moves away from the typical advice that everyone gives, and focuses on explaining tricks so that your client has more desire to buy.

Trends change every year, each business is different and each geographical area has its customs. To know how to decorate your premises is as easy as copying the large shopping centers adapting your budget.

So in short, you have to create an eye-catching entry, but with class and style that attracts potential clients. Once inside the decoration has to be enveloping but without distracting the objective of your business. You can use all the senses, sight, hearing, smell, even touch with textures such as wool, snow or wood.

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