Housing built to suit you

House built to suit you: Advantages of adapting to your needs.
How different we are from each other! The tastes of each one are very particular and different; the music, the colors, the way of seeing life, our preferences, professions … It is difficult to find another person who is the same as yourself !! That is why when we buy a home, it should be normal for them to let us customize it to suit our needs, that it adapts to our tastes, our needs and our lifestyle.
Today in the Boho Chic Style Decoration Blog I want to talk about the advantages of decorating a home built to your measure, an exclusive home that is capable of fully adapting to us.
When it comes to buying a home, the only thing we know for sure is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms we want it to have. But once this decision is made, there are other aspects that we should take into account. Do I like open and continuous spaces? Do I like bathrooms with coated or painted walls? Do I need a bathtub or a better shower tray? How many cabinets do I need to store?
When we are given the possibility of making a custom house, the result is 10, since once we move into our new home… We will find ourselves at home! 😉 The luxury villas La Florida 9 take into account all our needs and make the house adapt to us and not that we have to adapt to the house.
These are some tips that we can take into account when personalizing our home.
1 * Open or closed spaces: It is a very personal choice. There are people who are in favor of having open spaces; kitchens integrated into the living room, bathrooms integrated into the bedroom … It’s a matter of taste and especially of customs. I personally like open spaces very much, they make the house visually much more spacious and that when we have visitors everyone is within the same space.
House built to suit you: Advantages of adapting to your needs.
2 * Coated or painted walls: More and more, we find the walls of bathrooms or kitchens without ceramic tiles. Other types of materials are being used such as wallpaper, paint, microcement … Different finishes that adapt to the new times, which make rooms more warm and welcoming. But as the saying goes, “for tastes, colors”, if the house is built to suit you, you will always have the option to change and choose the materials according to your preferences.
House built to suit you: Advantages of adapting to your needs.
3 * Shower or bathtub ?: Generally, a shower tray is used in the main bathrooms and a bathtub in the secondary ones. But if the bathroom allows it, we can design it to our liking and sometimes we can have a shower for day to day and a good bathtub next to it where you can relax. Or for example, something that I see more and more in decoration magazines and construction sites is a spacious shower with 2 taps, so that two people can shower in the same space at the same time. These are details that during the construction of the house do not cost anything to take them into account and in this way it is avoided that once the work is delivered the owner has to make a reform.
House built to suit you: Advantages of adapting to your needs.
4 * Storage: It is one of the biggest concerns… Where will I be able to store everything! In my case (and in the case of many moms …) … Where and to be able to store all the toys! I am in favor of removing cabinets from almost any corner, always, sooner or later, they are necessary.
House built to suit you: Advantages of adapting to your needs.
5 * Home automation: Finally, I would like to tell you about the advantages of installing a home automation system. With which you can control your home making it more comfortable. You can control the blinds in your house, control the temperature, either by turning on the heating or by putting air conditioning … A system that can be customized according to the needs of each one.

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