Balloon decoration tricks at parties and celebrations

How to decorate a wedding with balloons

Does that special moment arrive and you want everything to be great? The balloon decoration is one of the best ideas for all kinds of celebrations. Form economical and precious to decorate a party creating an incredible atmosphere. Also, as there are balloons of all kinds, the decoration can be of any theme.

Today we are going to see ideas and tricks to decorate with balloons a communion, weddings, birthdays, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, baptisms and children’s parties.

How to decorate with balloons like the pros?

The first and most important thing to decorate with balloons, is inflate them with helium what for float in the air. You can inflate them by blowing, but they will be spread out on the ground, and it is not the same.

The feeling of see them hanging in the air, or even supported in the roof, It’s magic.

Before accessing helium cylinders to blow up balloons was complicated. But nowadays they are sold on Amazon very cheaply and they are brought home to you, so you don’t have to carry them, because they weigh your own.

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Helium bottles on Amazon:

Mister Helio Disposable Helium Bottle, to inflate 50 latex balloons included

Disposable Helium Bottle Mister Helio, to inflate 50 latex balloons …

€ 53.90

Helium Bottle For Balloons

Helium Bottle For Balloons

€ 36.90

Helium Balloon Bottle (for 50 latex balloons included)

Helium Balloon Bottle (for 50 latex balloons included)

€ 48.85

Depending on the number of balloons you will need one or two bottles. Because the size of the balloon influences, if they are larger than normal you will need more helium. In important celebrations better than on not missing, you can always save it and use it in another party.

Most beautiful types of balloons

Now it’s time to choose the balloons with which you are going to decorate. This depends a lot on your tastes, below you have all the example photos to get ideas. But first let’s see the most fashionable are in balloon decoration for celebrations and parties.

If it is for a wedding, an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, you can not miss the hearts balloonsThey are super pretty and are a sure hit. If it is a communion or a birthday party, those of WhatsApp faces they also look great.

Of course the normal ones of colors They cannot be absent, there are also them adorned with confetti, gold with star shapes, etc.

Helium Balloons on Amazon:

Set 20pcs Heart Balloons 18" + 1pc Love Balloon Love 40" Red Helium Foil Balloons Aluminum Foil Metallic Foil Balloons with Ribbons for Wedding Valentine's Day Anniversary Party Decoration

Set 20pcs Heart Balloons 18″ + 1pc Love Balloon Love 40″ Red Helium Balloons …

€ 12.99
– 3%

100 Different Emojis Balloons My Balloons Helium Balloons Mood Decoration for Party Wedding Birthday Christmas Wise Men Ceremony etc

100 Different Emojis Balloons My Helium Balloons Mood Balloons …

€ 11.58
€ 11.98

PartyWoo Star Balloons, 32 Pieces Silver Star Balloons Gold Star Balloons Silver Balloons Gold Balloons Round Balloon, Aluminum Balloons Giant Balloons Jumbo Balloons for Wedding, Baby Shower, Birthday

PartyWoo Star Balloons, 32 Pieces Silver Star Balloons Star Balloons …

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€ 8.96

NUOLUX 100pcs 12 Inch Pearl Latex Balloons for Bride Birthday Party (Golden + Silver)

NUOLUX 100pcs 12 Inch Pearl Latex Balloons for Wedding Birthday Party …

€ 13.99

TedGem 100 Pieces Multicolored Balloons with Party Decoration pump for 100 Party Balloons of Various Colors, colorful balloons

TedGem 100 Pieces Multicolored Balloons with bomb Party Decoration for …

€ 13.18

Gold Confetti Balloons, 50pcs 12 inch Latex Party Balloons with Gold Foil Confetti for Birthday Wedding Decorations

Gold Confetti Balloons, 50 Pieces 12 Inch Latex Party Balloons with …

Now that we have the necessary material, we are going to see the best ideas and tricks to decorate with balloons, with example photos to inspire you.

Decoration with balloons for communion

Decoration ideas with balloons for communion

First communion decoration with balloons for a boy

Decorate with girl communion balloons

The most common when it comes to decorate with balloons for communion It is to combine white and pink if it is a girl, and white and blue if it is a boy. In these times, it does not matter, you can choose the color that your daughter or son likes the most.

If you draw and write messages on balloons It can be super cool. And if you don’t have time, each guest can write a phrase on a balloon, they will be very excited to read them.

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