7 Impressive colors to put in your living room!

χρώματα για το σαλόνι

The colors that you will choose for your living room have the power to change your whole mood so you understand that their choice is important. Your living room should have the colors that express you and create beautiful emotions. You can make your living room monochrome, two-tone or even three-tone. It is important to choose beautiful colors that will illuminate and highlight your space. Pastel shades are always a good idea, but let’s see in more detail 7 of the best colors to put in your living room! Beautiful colors for the living room!

 Living room in light green-mint color!

green gray living room
The light green reminiscent of mint is one of the most trendy colors you can choose for your interior. This color will give you the perfect base to have a special living room in earth tones. In fact, the green color in the decoration is said to make you calmer, happier and more productive!

Greige living room!

minimal living room
Greige is a mixture of gray and beige. It is this wonderful color that sometimes you will see as beige and other times as gray. It is the absolutely neutral color and very modern to put it not only in the living room but also in the rest of your home. It is a very good choice to paint your living room as it combines all colors! !

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Light pink with yellow in the living room!

colored living room
Fantastic two-tone for the living room is light pink with yellow. This combination will illuminate your space and will make it very happy and refreshing for you every time you see it. Pink and yellow are intense but they are not too combined together! See also: What lamp to put in the living room for good lighting!

Tricolor with blue, white and gold in the living room!

blue white living room
A very impressive color for the living room is the dark blue, specifically the shade royal blue. With this unique shade of blue, we suggest you add the white and the gold element for a fantastic tricolor that will make your living room look luxurious and expensive!

Dark orange-tan with white!

white orange living room
Tampa is also one of the best colors for the living room, especially when you combine it with the absolute white. These colors with wooden and wicker decorations will transform your living room into a perfect boho living room. With leather and metal textures, however, a beautiful industrial living room can be made!

Dark green with gray!

modern colors for the living room
If you prefer the most minimal and discreet colors then dark green with gray is a very good idea for your home. These colors are very elegant and while they are very neutral, their combination produces an unpretentiously impressive result!

Living room in shades of purple!

purple living room
The shades of purple are a top choice for the living room but also for your interior in general. One idea is to mix different tones of purple together such as lilac, violet, lavender purple but also darker shades such as grape purple. Of course you can break the very purple with white or gray details!

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