5 Ideas to beautifully decorate the living room with candles!

ιδέες διακόσμησης με κεριά

Candles are a timeless element of decoration. Apart from enhancing the relaxed and romantic atmosphere in the house, they can also smell very nice. Of course it would be good to prefer vegetable candles such as candles made from soy as they are more environmentally friendly, less harmful to your health and last longer. But how do you place the candles nicely at home and in what places? The living room is an ideal place for decor with candles because they will beautify the space and add a pleasant note of calm and serenity. With these you will be able to create a wonderful atmosphere in the living room. Below you will find 5 ways in which you can decorate the living room with candles! How to have a perfect decoration in the living room with candles!

Put candles on trays on the coffee table!

tray with candles in the living room
One of the nicest ways to decorate with candles is by putting them on a tray in the living room. Whether on the coffee table or in the buffet, the dining room or some other piece of furniture, a tray of candles will look fantastic. You can even add 1-2 decorations and a flower or plant and complete this idea beautifully!

Candles around the fireplace!

decoration on the fireplace
The main focus of the living room is the fireplace. So why not emphasize it more with a few beautiful candles on and around it or on various shelves that you may have on the wall next door? An original idea if you do not light your fireplace is to decorate its interior with candles!

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Decorative candles in original shapes!

decorative candle
The latest in fashion are candles in various shapes and sizes. You can find round candles, body-shaped candles or other figures such as statues. So you will have two in one, and candles and separate decorations. They are very special and will make the decoration of your living room unique!

Vintage decor with candlesticks!

If you love the vintage style in the decoration of the house then you can incorporate this aesthetics of your home with a few candlesticks. Decorate with them the fireplace, the tables, the dining table and the shelves in the living room and they will give a unique feeling to your space!

Composition of large candles on the floor!

minimal decoration with candles in the living room
A very simple and minimal but impressive idea is to decorate a corner in the living room with large candles on the floor. Choose 7-8 pieces in different heights to create a nice composition that will work as an additional light source. Of course it would be good to put a tray, mat or cover underneath so as not to soil the floor!

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