+40 Ideas of Mini Gardens for Decoration 2021

Miniature Garden Ideas

The miniature gardens They have me in love, I see them as an evolution of bonsai but easier to maintain and with many more possibilities because you can create infinite scenes.

We’ll see more than 40 ideas and photos of mini gardens to inspire you and mount yours at home, because I also tell you how to make a miniature garden Y where can you find all the figures you want to make it as beautiful as these.

Miniature garden ideas in pots, buckets, baskets and jars

Photos of mini zen gardens

In this miniature garden they have recreated a beautiful house, with its terrace and tables, its tree and its garden, with dwarf included. I think it’s great, it’s also very easy to do even if it seems otherwise.

If you think about it, the mini garden is made up of a round pot, musk, stones, a bonsai and small plant cuttings, along with accessories that can be found in dollhouses, which can be found in any toy store.

Mini Garden in pot with garden gnomes

Nice scene in a mini home garden

This other miniature garden in pot It is a real delight, they have recreated a scene that could perfectly be real. In this case perhaps it is a bit more difficult to find the accessories because they are made of metal, but if we go to a house specialized in miniature constructions we will not have problems.

But it does not take such a level of realism, simpler things are even more beautiful, more showy, like this mini garden in a bucket, which has been done in a metal bucket with cuttings and small plants.

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How to make a miniature garden with a metal bucket

Making homemade miniature gardens

And more examples of amazing mini gardens.

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