30 ideas to decorate small rooms

How to decorate small rooms with style

If you are looking for inspiration to decorate small rooms Check out these ideas of more than 30 rooms decorated with different styles and trends. Light colors provide a more spacious feeling than dark tones. Mirrors are a very good solution to expand spaces, but do not put them pointing to the bed if you want to follow the guidelines of Feng Shui.

Take your time and go through all the photos, analyzing the details and design your perfect room. If you also follow the 7 key tips it will be much easier for you.

Small room decorating ideas

Decoration of small double bedrooms

Examples to decorate small bedroom rooms

Paint the walls in light colors

A common point in almost all the images is that the walls are painted white or light colors. It takes a lot to paint the rooms in bright colors, or paint a wall in a dark color, but to decorate small rooms it is not a good idea.

To have greater feeling of spaciousness we need to “not see the walls”, as if they weren’t there, and for that the best color is white.

Ideas for decorating small bedrooms

Decorate small rooms

Small room in attic

Small decorated rooms

Lighting a small bedroom is key

If the room has large windows, take advantage of them, do not cover them with blackout curtains. If you don’t have too much natural light, light up the room well with white light lamps. Well-lit spaces appear larger.

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small elegant rooms

Decorate small room with desk

Vintage small room decor

Ideas to decorate a small bedroom

Don’t be afraid to put a big bed

As you see in the photos, large beds are a good option in small rooms, contrary to what it may seem. A large bed takes up more, but gives the feeling of being in a larger space, if a large bed fits, the room is not so small.

Small bedroom ideas with double bed

Bedroom in a small apartment

small room design for couples

Ideas for decorating a small room

Big bed in a small bedroom

Place mirrors to make it look older

The big mirrors They are another resource widely used in the decoration of small bedrooms. They make us have the feeling that the space is twice as large, in addition to increasing the luminosity, so it does double duty.

Put mirrors in a small room to make it appear larger

small rooms with mirror

small double bedroom ideas

Decorate the small room in the minimalist style

Add more space to the room by reducing the decor and furniture as much as possible. The bed is the most important element, everything else the less the better. I know that cabinets are essential in a bedroom, so in the next tip we will see vertical storage ideas that take up little space.

images of small rooms for adults

small double rooms

small bedroom decoration keys

Think vertically

Put a trundle bed underneath to store things, or directly place it on a large chest of drawers. You can also take advantage of the wall to make an open closet, if you have it tidy it is super nice and does not subtract visual space like traditional cabinets.

Store under the bed in a narrow bedroom

Small room with an open closet on the wall

small room with bunk beds

Glue the bed to a corner of the bedroom

Most double bedrooms choose to place the bed in the middle of the wall, but this takes up a lot of space for passage. Try to glue the bed to a corner and you will see how you get more space, both visual and functional.

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How to place the bed in a small bedroom

How to decorate a small room

small bachelor rooms

In the example below we see that it does not follow the rule of painting the walls white, but it compensates for it by putting many lamps. My advice to decorate small rooms is do not risk and play it safe, white walls and lots of light, so it will appear bigger.

If you want to know more similar tricks, you can read the article where I explain and give ideas to make our house seem bigger.

small functional rooms

small stylish designer rooms

If you like black and you don’t fancy an all white room, you can use it close to the ground, on rugs or cushions. Being downstairs will not subtract too much light, so the room will not seem gloomy or smaller.

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