What is a tinted moisturizer?

What is a tinted moisturizer?

If you are one of those people with no time in the morning, you are surely a fan of the products that will speed up your morning beauty care. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to put a tinted moisturizer in your cosmetic bag. After all these multitasking products combine the base and moisturizer, This eliminates the need to create makeup layers that consume time and immediately help us out the door.

When we’re looking for the perfect moisturizer, we want something that softens and hydrates the skin, but we also want a little color, especially for the days when we don’t want to weigh heavy bases.

Although we all know that we should drink more water and eat fruits and vegetables in general for good health,

We are always grateful when it comes to keeping our skin looking healthy. However, the market for tinted moisturizers can be confused with products with different goals like these They perfect the skin and illuminate or offer more coverage and moisture.

Using your best base every day is too much of an obligation for many. While some love a fully made-up face that deserves a selfie, the rest of us are more than happy when a little imperfection is shown every now and then. After all, makeup is not there to make us look perfect for eEmphasize our best qualities and increase our trust.

What is a tinted moisturizer?

A tinted moisturizer as stated in the name It is a moisturizer with a hint of color. Gives the skin a slightly polished look or a little color compared to a base. Contains moisturizers, antioxidants and some other ingredients such as iron oxides, titanium dioxide, which protect the skin from sun damage.

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A difference between the base and the tinted moisturizer is that the titanium oxide is present in an amount of 14 to 15% in the first form, while it is present in an amount of about 3% in the latter. This ingredient is used to apply the color to the skin.

A base covers the skin with a layer for flawless and perfect-looking skin, while a tinted moisturizer acts as a good moisturizer, moisturizing the skin and at the same time balancing the complexion.

What are the benefits of tinted moisturizer?

While the base of dry skin can create scaly patches on the face, her sister colored It nourishes and gives the exhausted skin a very necessary shine, which is equivalent to reddening or slight discoloration. In the months of spring and autumn, it is an infallible way to perfect the skin and adapt to seasonal changes.

Anyone who feels that one base is too much can rest assured that this product provides excellent coverage for every day. If you choose the right one, it can be a complete all-terrain area: many have SPF protection, skin care properties and, above all, provide your skin with moisture so that the bases cannot be compared.

How do you use a tinted moisturizer?

First, applying a base is not that easy. You need to apply it perfectly to your skin to get adequate coverage. Learn how to properly apply a base. The main advantage of a tinted moisturizer is that you don’t have to worry about its application.

Just take a small amount like any other lotion or cream and apply it to the skin. If you like the slightly damp look like a spritz, this product is sufficient. Dust is not required at all. If you are more of a fan of the matte surface, use a powder and off you go. So choose the one that most closely matches your skin tone. In addition, this product is suitable for dry or combination skin because it gives the skin a uniform effect.

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Our recommendations for tinted moisturizers

Rimmel Instaflawless Skin Tint, Light Medium, 1.01 oz

Price: $4.49

Neutrogena Skinclearing Complexion Perfector with salicylic acid

Neutrogena Skinclearing Complexion Perfector with salicylic acid, light, 1 bottle Oz, (pack of 2)

Price: $12.16

Elf Tinted moisturizer SPF 20, nude color (beige), 25 ml

Price: $4.00

physicians formula organic wear 100 natural origin tinted moisturizer

Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Work It Marathonista SPF 40 Tinted Moisturizer, Light, 1.2 Fluid Ounce

Price: $28.98

Caudalie Teint Divin Mineral Tinted Cream 30ml Clear

Caudalie Teint Divin Mineral Tinted Cream 30ml Clear

Price: $39.99

Eucerin Sun Cream Claro Tone Clamp Fps 50

Eucerin Sun Cream Claro Tone Clamp Fps 50, 50 ml

Price: $34.99

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL liquid with color SPF 50+

Price: $14.85

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL gel cream dry with color effect SPF 50+

Price: $15.58

It’s time for you to speed up your morning routine and keep it natural with these long-established moisturizers.

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