Top 6 Sunblock Cream

Top 6 Sunblock Cream

One of the main causes of premature skin aging is sun exposure. We love to look dark and walk under its rays for hours, but often we forget that it is very harmful to our skin and we have an easy remedy for it: a sunscreen.

Which sunlight choose the face? It is a complicated task because the face is the part of our body that should receive less sunlight to slow down the natural oxidation of the skin. It is therefore important that the selected protective shield blocks UV rays.

We’ve looked through some of our most popular beauty blogs and put together the following to have a bit of everything and choose the ideal cream.

-The author of the blog Youth and Beauty He is a true expert in analyzing the inci of creams. We recommend this protection as “Cosmetics of the Month”: Heliocare AK Fluid 360. One of the most important properties of this cream is that it contains melanin, which increases the natural light protection of our skin.

-Naoko, the author of the blog Not so addicted to beauty, wonders with us the fresh fog Anthelios from La Roche Posay SPF 50. It can be applied over makeup, it is invisible, mattifying and contains antioxidants. It seems to have many properties.

-Lola, from the blog A nice and healthy life recommends several places in this post, including the protective liquid Sunissime de Lierac with protection factor 50 contains peptides that increase the skin’s resistance to sun, melanin and hyaluronic acid.

-Mariola, author of Mariolas Macedonia, recommends several and new beauty products in this article, including Protextrem, which in addition to the city and the beach also carries out a depigmenting action, activates cell repair and unifies the sound. An authentic joy!

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-Marisa, from The Marisse Bazaar, We recommend several products that highlight this: Solar Care Anti-Aging Sun Protection Factor 50 by Avène, which contains complete sun protection with antioxidants, thermal water, soothing and soothing effects.

And the protector that recommends the surface is… Repskin from Sesderma. Sun factor 50. Contains repair enzymes activated by sunlight and repairs cellular DNA to protect the skin from sun damage. I used it last summer and it protects very well from the sun, prevents stains, although you need to remember to reapply it for about half an hour to renew the protection.

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