The most powerful cream that eliminates stretch marks and more

The most powerful cream that eliminates stretch marks and more

Skin care is very important, it often reflects our good or bad health. For this reason, many companies are committed to developing and selling creams that range from sun protection to rejuvenation. This may or may not work. It is your criterion, but among all skin care brands, there is one brand in particular that you know, your parents know that even your grandparents know and maybe even buy, and that you will be around for many, many years the market, I mean the Nivea Cremma.

A cream that does not go out of style despite the years and people continue to buy because they guarantee incredible results.

Maybe you don’t take this into account, but the cream of this brand has many advantages if you should know what is starting to take advantage of it. These are your advantages that will amaze you. If you think this is only for skin humming, let me tell you that you made a mistake every time.

Hair ointment If you have problems with your hair and cannot achieve the perfect hairstyle that only you know how to do, all you have to do is apply the cream on your hands and lead them around the area so rebelliously and ready that you get them such a great hairstyle that will make it unique.

Eliminates cracks in the feet. If you have someone with dry and rough feet, this advice may help you. All you need is to apply a cream to the sole of the foot and massage it in the affected area during the night, use socks and the next day they will be taken out, you will see amazing results, your feet will be very soft.

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Bonus tip: if you have applied cremma at night and the next day keep your feet dry and make noise, you may need something more intense next time; All you have to do is mix cremma nivea with Bepanthol, then cover and massage your feet, use socks all night and the next morning you will see a positive result.

Removal of makeup. It is a great ally for women as it helps them perfectly remove the makeup on the face without abusing it. Simply apply it to the entire face and remove it with a cotton ball. Then wash your face with warm water and go without using special makeup.

Anti-aging for the eye area. The crow’s feet are no longer a problem, you just have to apply them around the eyes and leave them on all night. The next day you will see the results.

Softens and lightens the knees. Rub the knee cream nivea so that it is softer and hydrated.

Avoid stretch marks. No woman removes stretch marks, but that’s not a problem if you use a cream solution. All you have to do is apply it around the chest and hips or in any other area where it tends to stretch marks.

Deep moisture for the face. You may be someone who does not use the cream regularly. Because of this, you have a dry face. In this case, it is better if you apply a cream to your face, cover it with a damp cloth and let it rest for half an hour. and wash your face very well with warm water to get a smooth and hydrated face.

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Perfectly hydrated hands. Use creme nivea for rough and scratchy hands to keep them soft.

Lip hydration If you are one of the people who dry your lips in the cold season, you only need to apply a cream to your lips for a few days until you see a positive result.

Hydrate the cuticles. To achieve better hydration in the cuticles, apply the cream to the dryer and massage gently for a few minutes. The results are quickly visible.

After the sun If you have sensitive skin and visit the beach or spend a lot of time in the sun, feel the skin burn, apply cream to the entire affected area to feel a feeling of freshness and no longer To suffer.

Skin burns If you have had an accident with something hot, either in the kitchen or in another place to withstand high temperatures, apply Creme Nivea to avoid blistering. However, if it is a serious accident, see a doctor immediately.

Treat and prevent dermatitis. The density of this cream is so strong that it can prevent and treat dermatitis.

Hydration and relief for the elbows. For people who have dry elbows, simply applying the cream can provide clarity and smoothness.

Anti-dark circles. It can also help get rid of those dark circles that sprout during the night by not sleeping the cream well before bed before bed, resting all night, washing the face the next day, and being ready. (To achieve this for the time necessary to see the results)

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