5 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles Around the Eyes!

Inevitably as the years go by wrinkles are created on our face. The eyes, which are the most expressive part of the face, are very likely to be the first to show wrinkles, either on the goose foot or below. And you may not be able to intervene in your genetic predisposition but a few things about your lifestyle can help prevent wrinkles around the eyes. So if you do not want to immediately see your eyes form wrinkles then there are some habits that you must acquire and others that you must cut! Discover 5 ways to prevent wrinkles around the eyes! How to postpone the appearance of eye wrinkles!

1. Be careful when bleaching

woman bleaches eyes
It is very human when you come home tired to wash off without much attention, rubbing your eyes hard to get rid of makeup. However, awkward movements in an area such as the eyes that are very thin can cause wrinkles. So pay attention to the process and do not put too much pressure. If you feel that without pressure the makeup will not go away then maybe you need to change the makeup remover product you are using.

2. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses

woman wearing sunglasses
You have heard many times about the harmful effects of the sun on your skin. A skin that is often exposed to the sun is older and creates wrinkles more easily. For this reason, do not skip your sunscreen every day. At the same time, wear sunglasses that will prevent you from making the characteristic grimaces when the sun is shining on you, which burden the eyes.

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3. Quit smoking

woman smokes cigarette prevent wrinkles eyes
Smoking accelerates the aging process of your face, including your eyes. It is true that smokers’ skin has more wrinkles and less elasticity. So now you have another reason to quit smoking immediately if you want a fresh and youthful look.

4. Moisturize the area daily

woman puts eye cream prevent wrinkles eyes
Eye cream from an age onwards is just as essential as moisturizing face cream. So it is good to start early with a light eye cream that will moisturize the area. Later you will adapt it to the needs of your eye area. This way, you will have less trouble dealing with it when you grow up.

5. Eat healthy

fruits vegetables avocados tomato asparagus
It may sound cliché when it comes to healthy eating but it really is the alpha and omega. It even affects the appearance of wrinkles. Foods such as bananas, pomegranates, oily fish, green salads, avocados and tomatoes are good for the skin in general but also for the sensitive skin around the eyes in particular.

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