5 Tips for oily skin!

κοπέλα πλένει πρόσωπο σαπούνι

Having a fat face is a challenge as it sometimes requires special treatment. Of course, the extra oiliness also has its benefits as it delays the appearance of wrinkles. However, it is true that oily skin needs its own care tips to reduce sebum secretion and unwanted pimples. So if you feel that oily skin is bothering you, there are some easy ways to regulate the situation with 5 simple care tips for oily skin! How to treat an oily skin!

Cleanse the face twice a day

girl washes face soap
Cleansing the face with a special soap is essential and necessary for all skin types, especially oily ones. However, he preferred an oil-free cleanser to remove oiliness without burdening the skin. Also, you do not need to resort to a very strong soap as it will remove even the natural oiliness of the face, which is not desirable.

Exfoliate once a week

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The extra sebum produced on oily skin creates dead cells, which clog the pores, creating pimples and blackheads. Exfoliation with a mild exfoliator once a week is necessary to remove these dead cells. Of course, you have to rub your face carefully so as not to injure the skin.

Moisturize regularly

woman makes face mask for oily skin
Just because you have oily skin does not mean that you do not need hydration. However, you must choose your moisturizer carefully. Specifically, you need a light moisturizer that will not weigh down the skin. For this reason, make sure that your cream is oil free. Also, once or twice a week you can make a moisturizing face mask.

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Find the right make up

woman make up brush
If you have oily skin then you should not put any make up on your face. So again, your make up should be oil free. In addition, avoid make-up that has radiance as in combination with the oiliness of your skin they will make it shine and look like you are sweating.

Do professional cleaning once in a while

woman face care
You can take care of your face just right. However, it is worth visiting a beautician you trust once in a while to do an in-depth cleansing that will soothe the skin from the accumulated dead cells and make it more radiant. A visit to a beautician in 4-6 months, depending on how oily your skin is, will bring great results in the long run.

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