Say goodbye to wrinkles with these Korean creams

Say goodbye to wrinkles with these Korean creams

Korean women are famous for their young, radiant skin (light and radiant, but without fat). It is as if she would never grow old. If there were a time machine that could reverse time, that would be fantastic. But if we don’t, how can we counter the signs of aging? Don’t worry, today we’re going to reveal the Korean women’s anti-aging secrets (anti-aging or anti-aging) and their wondrous anti-wrinkle creams.

When we are young, our skin naturally produces all the nutrients the skin needs to be healthy, smooth, elastic and ultimately young. However, with age, natural nutrient production decreases, which shows the first signs of aging (dryness, flaccidity, spots, wrinkles and lines of expression). It is in these moments that we need to help our skin regenerate by providing the nutrients it needs.

The passage of time is relentless, but sometimes our behavior and habits can speed up these aging processes. The skin acts as a barrier against external attacks (sun exposure, free radicals, pollution, bacteria, etc.). However, when it weakens, our body is also there and all of our cells age prematurely. Therefore, one of the most important things we should do to prevent or delay the appearance of aging and wrinkles is to quit smoking, use sunscreens, reduce our stress, take care of our diet and sleep well.

Prevention is always better than cure.

However, aging cannot be prevented like an illness, it can only be delayed or weakened. In this sense, measures to delay the appearance of wrinkles and the measures that are taken are similar, the basic difference lies in the dose of nutrients (ingredients and formulations) that are taken orally (supplements) or topically (wrinkle creams).

Here is our recommendation for an anti-wrinkle cosmetic of the Korean ingredients and active ingredients that have been tested against wrinkles and, in addition to the elasticity of the skin, also eliminate wrinkles (fine lines) and facial expressions. This selection is designed so that you can incorporate it into your Korean 10 step routine.

DEature Moringa cleansing balm

Not all Korean anti wrinkle creams in this post, so it is important to nourish and cleanse the skin well. This is an oil-based makeup cleaner that has received numerous awards. I also wrote about him in another post and I have to say I love it. It is perfect as the first step in your double facial cleansing. Its oil base helps break makeup and remove excess sebum and other contaminants that have accumulated on the face during the day. It is enriched with Moringa seed extract (also called Tree of Life), which helps with natural collagen formation and prevents the appearance of fine lines and other signs of aging. The extracts of the Jericho rose and iris give the skin suppleness.

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NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gaze Peeling Wine

This is the perfect exfoliation, it is soft and effective at the same time to remove impurities and dead cells and to leave the skin smooth and lightened. As the skin ages, we need to help it regenerate properly by eliminating dead cells, so peeling becomes more important with age. Good facial cleansing is key to taking advantage of Korean anti-wrinkle products. The bottle contains 30 peeling slices and is soaked in lactic acid. Lactic acid is a natural peeling, historically famous because it was used by Cleopatra.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner Klairs:

is one of the preferred Korean natural cosmetic brands. Prepares the skin and removes traces of sebum and impurities. Refreshes the skin with this tonic, which you can use to restore the pH of your skin. Amino acids reduce irritation and provide moisture. The tonic is important for the preparation of the skin in order to better absorb the following steps of the treatment (essence in the 10 steps of the Korean routine). A good hydration is the basis on which Korean anti-wrinkle cosmetic products are based.

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Intense Moisture

A formulation containing 90% of fermented yeast has been added to Missha’s Essence “Bestseller”. Repairs damaged skin within a few weeks. This new formulation based on fermentation reduces pigmentation, refines the texture and gives the face a smooth appearance. The fermented ingredients allow quick absorption through part of the skin and ensure that moisture is retained for longer and elasticity is restored. This Korean anti-wrinkle cosmetic contains niacinamide and brightens the skin tone, while adenosine gives it a younger and revitalized look.

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Klair’s fresh, juicy vitamin C serum

If you don’t have sensitive skin, this Klairs serum is perfect to add to your routine to combat the effects of aging. It is a Korean anti-aging or anti-wrinkle product that contains 5% vitamin C, an anti-oxidant with anti-aging effect that also illuminates the face. This Korean product reduces stains, provides protection against skin pigmentation, tones the skin, reduces fine lines and tones.

NEOGEN H2 Dermadeca serum spray

It is the first spray serum I have used and it is very comfortable. Neogen is a brand for Korean cosmetic products whose products work against signs of aging. The innovation is that the serum is atomized into fine particles that immediately hydrate and repair the skin. The serum is enriched with niacinamide and vitamin C, which illuminate and fight the signs of aging. It also contains Centella Asiatica extract, which relieves inflammation and stimulates cell regeneration and collagen.

Manefit Bling Bling Hydrogel Mask – soothing aqua collagen

Manefit is one of my favorites when it comes to face masks. This hydrogel face mask instantly soothes and calms stressed and tired skin. It contains collagen, which restores the skin’s natural elasticity and tightens the wrinkles and fine lines on the face. In short, a Korean anti-wrinkle cosmetic that you cannot do without in your facial care.

A’Pieu Madecassoside cream

This cream is a super moisturizer, the formula contains 40% water from Centella Asiatica leaf and 0.1% madecassoside (an extract from the Asian shine). In the medium term, the madecassoside has a firming effect and promotes skin repair by regulating the activity of the keratinocytes and the main cells of the epidermis. It also contains niacinamide, which illuminates the face, almond extract to maintain hydrated and soft skin, adenosine and lactic acid to confirm tired and damaged skin. The pack’s appearance is more like a dermatological medication than an anti-wrinkle cosmetic, but it will help alleviate the signs of aging.

Lioele V-Line sleeping bag

Korean cosmetics have always dealt with skin care, it remains young and wrinkle-free, so it is not surprising that many of its creams contain anti-wrinkle effects. This cream moisturizes and softens facial skin while you sleep. What more can you ask for? This Sleepink pack or night mask reduces redness, tones the skin and reduces swelling. Hence the name “V-Line”, and this is how the Koreans define the face with a “V” -shaped jaw instead of a rectangular and masculine jaw (it is assigned to the V-Line with the ideal of female beauty and a face without swelling). This non-greasy moisturizer gives the damaged skin elasticity and firmness and in the morning you feel that the skin is fresh and shiny.

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Erborian BB Cream Au Ginseng

It is Erborian’s best selling BB Cream. If you don’t mind the smell of ginseng, it’s perfect for you. As usual with this type of cream, they fulfill several functions at the same time: they have a sun protection factor SPF 20; refines the texture of the skin, reduces spots and black spots, leaves a matt and velvety finish and collagen provides additional moisture and firmness in the skin. The cream is enriched with ginseng extracts that have anti-aging or anti-aging properties and reduce dark circles. The BB cream is essential in your Korean anti-wrinkle cosmetic set.

KLAVUU Marine Collagen Aqua Pillow with High Cover (SPF50 + / PA +++)

This is a hybrid product that combines the base of the pillow with skin care. Its formulation is enriched with an extract of pearls and seaweed, niacinamide, adenosine triphosphate and hydrogelised collagen. Overall, in addition to correcting skin tone and protecting against ultraviolet rays (preventing aging), this pillow provides moisture and fights wrinkles and signs of aging. The three pillars of Korean cosmetic products are cleanliness, moisture and protection. Together they work so that spots, wrinkles and other signs of aging appear on the skin.

Missha Essence Sun Milk SPF 50 / PA +++

If you are looking for a bright sunscreen that offers a high level of prevention, then go no further. This sunscreen for everyday use comes from sunburn and prevents the effects of skin aging with the SPF50 / PA +++. Its formulation contains moisturizing agents and its light texture does not leave an oily feeling. Sunscreen is a salt for the cook for Koreans. It is inconceivable to exist on this planet without sun protection. It would be like trying to live without oxygen Solar

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