Pamper your hands with this simple routine, you will love its softness!

Consiente tus manos con este sencillo ritual, ¡te encantará su suavidad!

Hands are an essential part of your daily life, so pamper them to be soft and beautiful.
Taking care of ourselves from head to toe is one of our daily purposes, and surely every day we pay special attention to our hair, body and face. However, many times we forget one of our most important “tools”: our hands.
With them, we carry out all the daily activities, in addition to being our letter of introduction. Have you thought about it?
That is why the importance of always having them well cared for and pampering them.
It all starts with a good cleaning, which must be done with a special product that does not mistreat them, such as New! Mary Kay Satin Hands® Shea Butter Hand Soap. Its formula with Shea will give you an incredible softness experience and also great benefits, such as:
· Clean and moisturize your hands.
· Wrap your hands in a soft, moisturizing foam.
· It is fragrance free.
Pamper your hands with this simple shea soap hand routine(Photo: Courtesy Mary Kay)

Pamper your hands with this simple routine, you will love its softness!
This soap is used in a regular routine of moistening the hands, applying the soap, gently rubbing the palms to create a lather, wrapping the front and back of the hands, between the fingers, and under the nails. Finally, rinse and enjoy the delicious result and experience.
If you want a more SPA experience, after this step, you can complement your Hand Care with the Satin Hands® Fragrance-Free Hand Care Kit and continue with the Shea Hand Cream, followed by the Exfoliating Cream Refiner and finish with the humectant.
With this done, you are ready to continue your day or get a nice manicure! And voila, you already have a simple routine to pamper your hands.

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