Trendy colors of pedicure 2021 (+22 photos)

Trendy colors of pedicure 2021, which will put on all the legs of the country (+22 photos)

Fashion trends of 2021 have not forgotten about a stylish pedicure. And this is not surprising, because well-groomed toenails are of great importance for a full-fledged stylish and well-groomed image of a lady. In this article we will tell you about the most fashionable colors of this year for your nails with slender legs.

Pedicure trends 2021 In most cases, pedicure trends are duplicated by fashionable manicure solutions. Many stylists and nail art masters advise fashionistas to create a single style on legs and arms. But a variety of designs for fingernails and toenails are also permissible. In any case, it is up to the fashionista herself to decide, so that it is easier to decide on the color, we will tell you about the latest in the world of pedicure fashion.
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Trendy pedicure colors for the warm season For warm days, fashionistas are encouraged to choose richer and brighter pedicure paints. A juicy color will indicate the impeccability of the image in the style of fashion trends. In the spring and summer of 2021, the following shades are especially relevant: Juicy orange. The pedicure in solid orange is a hit this year. You can also diversify the plain color with stylish minimalist patterns;
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Natural green and acid tones. Fashion for pedicure in green tones goes from one extreme to another. The trend is not only deep green and delicate pistachio, but also neon color. Thanks to these shades, the lady’s image will be incredibly fresh and stylish;
trendy colors of peicure 2019 photo 12@kastalia_nails_studio

Trendy coral color. The perfect pedicure shade for tanned skin lovers. It goes well with any design, which is why it is often recommended for summer days;

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Glamorous pink. For delicate temptresses, rich and muted tones of pink are the ideal choice. Pink pedicure is always in fashion, which makes it possible for a lady to look especially attractive;

Sunny yellow. It was this shade that entered the TOP of the most popular colors for a pedicure. For beach walks and hot summers, you cannot find a more suitable shade.

Stylish pedicure colors for the cold season Winter is already gone, but there is still a cold autumn ahead. Therefore, nail art masters and stylists propose to think over the future pedicure in advance. For this time of year, it is better to choose darker and more saturated colors and 2021 was no exception. So, the trendy shades of 2021: Intense reds and burgundy. Usually these shades are chosen by ladies who are going to special events. These colors will perfectly complement the image of the fatal beauty;
trendy pedicure colors 2019 photo 9@ismailova_anna_trendy pedicure colors 2019 photo 10@ismailova_anna_trendy pedicure colors 2019 photo 10@masterova_elina

Black. Yes, this shade can be called too gloomy, but it looks truly great on the well-groomed legs of the lady. If you want to dilute a monochromatic black pedicure, you can always use stylish rhinestones;

Beige and nude. A great choice for women who prefer more classic looks.
trendy pedicure colors 2019 photo 14@levchenko.nails@ismailova_anna_@ismailova_anna_trendy colors of pedicure 2019 photo 13This year, nail art masters and stylists offer fashionistas a varied palette of shades to create the most stylish pedicure. Depending on the season, juicy or richer tones are chosen to decorate well-groomed fingers on slender legs.

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