French with flowers: 25 elegant ideas for sophisticated natures!

French with flowers: 25 elegant ideas for sophisticated natures!

Neat and attractive handles are the basis for a beautiful and stylish look. When we talk, we often gesticulate, so those around us pay their initial attention to our hands. The best method of hand care is a manicure. French is especially relevant. However, without much design, it looks rather modest. As a result, they began to use floral motifs. Today we will introduce you to the most spectacular flower manicure ideas.
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Short French manicure with flowers The edge of the nail in a jacket is distinguished by a special line, which is called a smile. You don’t need to have very long nails to do it. Basically, they are characterized by a neat semi-square shape. There is an opinion that flowers on short nails cannot be made. You can create flowers, and it is better to make them small. Such a drawing will emphasize your special sophistication.

French manicure on long nails Long nails allow you to boldly experiment and bring to life the most interesting ideas. A long jacket in combination with flowers creates a unique, luxurious tandem. It is easy to decorate both the smile line and the entire main part of the nail plate with a floral pattern. Sizes of flowers may vary. The combination of large and miniature colors looks great.
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Using rhinestones in a jacket The jacket looks spectacular when decorated with flowers and rhinestones at the same time. The glitter of rhinestones attracts the attention of everyone around. This is a versatile decor that can complement almost any design. With rhinestones, the jacket becomes bright and sophisticated.

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Harmonious use of colors in French manicure Floral motifs can be completely different shades. contrasting colors look impressive. The drawing depends on the experience of the master and your personal imagination. As a rule, additional design is made on the ring finger. It is he who acts as a wonderful accent. The manicure looks gentle, elegant. For young ladies who prefer minimalism, it is proposed to make subtle flowers to match the color of the smile zone.
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In conclusion Manicure has always been one of the best methods of decorating hands. Cute and delicate nails will make your hands look beautiful. It’s a fairly simple yet sophisticated design. Get inspired by new ideas to add style and personality to your look.

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