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French manicure, so beloved by us over the years, appears before us in a new likeness. Its distinguishing feature from the classic version is the imitation or designation of the edge of the nail using thin lines. Contour division of sectors With the help of thin, neatly traced lines, you can divide the nail into several parts. In this case, the resulting sectors can have a common base for the entire nail or be colored differently. The main rule: lines should be clearly expressed against the general background.
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Since the jacket has become quite diverse, there is no single technology for drawing lines. They can follow the shape of the edge of the nail plate or be completely different. Will add mystery to your look with a jacket with a double shape. To do this, the edge of the nail is carefully outlined, and a second line is drawn at some distance from it. However, it must have a completely different bend. This creates the feeling of a nail in the nail.
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Not just for parties, but in everyday life, French manicure with gold lines has become popular. Combinations of gold and other contrasting lacquers are possible. Each master or you yourself draws such lines at the call of the heart. A manicure sets the tone for your entire inner mood, so it must be flawless.
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If you are not a supporter of clear lines and restrictions, but want to try something new, add a touch of surprise to your image, patterned lines are for you. A thin outline can depict the most delicate flowers, hearts, birds, and even letters and symbols. The variety of this kind of jacket depends only on imagination and dexterity in performance.
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Thin lines to create the geometry of the jacket Another no less interesting option is to complement the classic jacket with vertical lines that harmoniously fit into the general concept of manicure.
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Manicure allows a woman to express her individuality. You can create your own unique design, independently combine shape, length and pattern.

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