French manicure spring 2021: Magical and stylish novelties (+20 photos)

French manicure spring 2021: magical and stylish novelties (+20 photos)

A manicure sometimes says more about a woman than her hairstyle and overall appearance. After all, it is on the nails that we most often “draw” our mood. And to make it beautiful and original during the spring update, a jacket will help many women of fashion.

This type of manicure has long gone beyond its classic design in nude colors and moved to the field of bright colors and prints. At the same time, it continues to be versatile, fitting perfectly into office, everyday and formal styles.

Colored jacket Spring colored jacket is an option for those who want to add a bright mood to their image, while not deviating from the minimalism of classic manicure. Moreover, not only the end of the nail plate can be painted with an unusual color, the masters suggest using contrasting colors to cover the rest of the nail. As the main shade, professionals suggest choosing red, purple, blue tones for women.


French with geometry Another minimalistic version of the spring renewal of manicure – a bright jacket with geometry. Clear contours can be used to decorate both the smile line and the entire nail on two or four fingers.

French with painting After winter, I want to plunge into the world of warm colors, greenery and flowers as soon as possible, so in spring a jacket with a corresponding painting is very relevant. As an option, the masters are advised to use soft, delicate colors and prints depicting flowers and other very different plants in creating a manicure.

You will like these too.  This two-tone nail design is subtle but so classy!

French with decor French with voluminous decor, rhinestones, sequins and sequins will also perfectly decorate women’s hands in spring. As a “base”, ladies are offered to use both just a colored jacket and a painted one. Shining accents on any of them look very feminine and sophisticated.
@best_manicure.ideasSpring jacket – gives women a huge scope for creativity. Bright manicure not only decorates the hands, but also creates a kind of art therapy effect after the cold lifeless winter tones.

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