Business doesn’t mean boring: 55 ideas for trendy office manicure 2021

Business doesn't mean boring: 55 ideas for trendy office manicure 2021

To create the perfect office style, women pay special attention to manicure. Well-groomed pens and a modest laconic design of manicure indicate the lady’s impeccable taste. Consider what kind of business manicure is offered to women by masters of nail design for 2021.
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Business manicure on short nails A strict office dress code requires a specific nail length and manicure design. A monochromatic coating always looks appropriate on short nails, you just have to choose interesting shades. The minimalist nude finish and dark shades of varnishes, matte and glossy nail plates look interesting and original, complemented by minimalist geometry.
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French manicure, watercolors, negative space, moonlight and others are relevant this year.

Business manicure for long nails Long nails can be afforded by those business ladies in whose offices there are no strict requirements for appearance. Such nails are inconvenient to work at the computer. order not to draw undue attention to their nails, lovers of long nails choose a discreet cover of the plates and the most laconic design.

The “spider web” on one or two nails looks quite appropriate and elegant.

Business manicure with design A laconic jacket is a typical “business” design.
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Multicolored manicure in several pastel shades looks dignified and original.

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“Brush strokes” are gaining popularity in business manicure. They look especially impressive in gold or silver on a matte base. It is impossible to take your eyes off the “Marble” manicure if it is made in tandem with foil or glitter. Shades for a business manicure A business manicure should not stand out from the general office look. The restraint and laconic design is maintained with the correct use of the desired shades. This year stylists recommend using restrained and delicate shades for nail coatings: peach, rose, lavender, thistle. asnail72@ksusha_perwushina@nails_harbor@nails_harbor@shabalina_nails@shabalina_nails@shabalina_nails@shabalina_nails@shabalina_nails@shabalina_nails@shabalina_nails@shabalina_nails@shabalina_nails@shabalina_nails@ shabalina_nails

A decent business manicure allows a lady to feel comfortable in any office setting and create attractive bows.

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