Almond manicure 2021: trending techniques and 25 fashion ideas

Well-groomed hands, beautiful nails and stylish manicure give a woman an exquisite and attractive bow. Almond-shaped nails are especially in demand among ladies. It allows you to create truly masterpieces of fine art on them. Consider what types of stylish almond manicure designs are offered to ladies for 2021.
Almond manicure for long nails By themselves, long almond-shaped nails attract attention to themselves. These nails are the perfect choice for monochrome manicure with a glossy or matte finish. manicure autumn photo 1@ mur.nails.ekaterina

You can place entire thematic landscapes or interesting images on them, decorate with rhinestones, foil, stones. The coating of the ring finger in gold or silver looks especially impressive with the matte coating of the rest of the nail plates. Almond manicure for short nails The most popular design for short nails is the image of drawings of various orientations. Most often they are selected for seasonal content. Cobweb, intricate monograms, geometry and abstraction look great on short nails. almond manicure for short nails photo 1@ nails_control32

Almond French manicure looks perfect on almond-shaped nails. Nail art masters combine it with drawings, rhinestones, sparkles, geometry, bringing it to perfection.

Almond Manicure with Patterns Even the most exquisite patterns are applied using the stamping technique. Quail manicure looks great on almond-shaped nails. Watercolor painting strikes with tenderness and grace of flower buds, feathers, leaves. New Year’s manicure is dominated by images of snowflakes, patterns, Christmas tree decorations, funny animals and snowmen.
Almond manicure autumn photo 3@ best_manicure.ideas@nailsoftheday@nailsoftheday Recently, a “manicure with continuation” is in demand, when pictures are placed on 2-3 nails. And the image of female portraits on the nail is considered “aerobatics”.
Almond manicure autumn photo 11@arina_vader @ewuleeek

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Almond Nails with Décor Chic and riot of colors give the almond manicure a design with rhinestones, foil, glitter, kamifubuki, gold and silver decor. The manicure looks festive and attractive. With this design of marigolds, you will shine at celebrations and parties in the truest sense of the word. art masters perfectly combine a mix of techniques on almond-shaped marigolds. And how charming a manicure using the ombre technique, French, moon manicure or negative space looks!

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