30 Wonderful black and white manicures for perfect nails!

Black and white nails are suitable for every age, every season of the year and for every occasion. Although color is a classic choice, depending on the design you can make your manicure quite minimal but respectively you can make it very intense and special. So when it comes to black and white nails, the options are many and you can definitely find not just one but many designs that you will love. Below we will show you 30 unique designs that we singled out! 30 Black and white nail designs for a modern manicure! Minimal black and white nails for all tastes!
black and white nails black and white manicure white manicure black nails with white line minimal black and white nails polka dot nails nails with heart
There are many designs for minimal black and white nails. A distinctive polka dot, a thin white line on black nails or simple line art is enough to have an impressive manicure. If you are looking for even more modern and fresh ideas then you should also try designs with negative space!

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