15 Beautiful ideas for brown nails!

15 Beautiful ideas for brown nails!

The brown color on the nails is unusual and very fashionable especially for winter or autumn. A brown manicure will look very special and in the right shade according to your skin will be amazing. The earthy manicure is a trend but brown in its lightest shades, ie beige and various nudes, will always be timeless. Here at discover-ideas.com you will find 15 suggestions for the best brown nail designs for all tastes! 15 Suggestions for an earthy manicure in brown!

Brown monochrome nails in nice shades!

nails in brown color brown manicure chocolate nails
Choose the best shades of brown for the most impressive earthy manicure. Top choice is chocolate which suits every skin. The light tones of brown are also beautiful, ie beige, off-white and nude colors. For a change, you could also try the matte effect on your monochrome brown nails to make it even more special!

Ombre nails in tones of brown and beige!

brown nude nails ombre nails manicure in shades of brown
Tonal neutral nails are the new French. You basically paint your nails in different shades of one color from the lightest to the darkest to create an ombre effect. It is a good idea for you who want a special and modern idea for your nails but you also want to maintain a discreet style in them. See also: 6 Suggestions for discreet earth nails! Brown manicure with animal print!
nails with a cow pattern leopard manicure cow nails
Make a wonderful manicure with brown color taking inspiration from the various animal prints. Very trendy are the cow nails, the leopards and the zebra manicure which will be even more special in their brown version!

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Minimal designs for brown manicure!

nail design modern french manicure beautiful brown nails
The best way to maximize your manicure is to have a simple style. So both the color and the design will stand out better. Combining brown with other shades or white you will create a minimal manicure ideal even for your work!

Brown nails with gold dust for shine!

brown nails nails with rhinestones nude nails
For a more intense and shiny manicure, we suggest you combine the brown nails with a little gold dust or rhinestones. Prefer your shine to be in corresponding warm tones to blend harmoniously with the rest of the manicure. Try putting gold dust in ombre style, on whole nails or in designs with lines!

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