10 Fantastic suggestions for colorful nails!

10 Fantastic suggestions for colorful nails!

Women take care of themselves from top to bottom. Of course, nails can not be excluded and in fact are one of the sloppiness of women in their care. Many times you think of the next color or design on your nails so that you can find something that suits you. Pink, blue, white, the choices are endless but it is difficult to find something that expresses you perfectly. So why settle for one color while you can make colorful nails? You may be hesitant, but it is never too late to try it. Below you will find some of the most beautiful and impressive trends for colorful nails. Get inspired, get ideas and adopt your next manicure. 10 great ideas for colorful nails!

Different design on each nail

different design on each nail
This particular idea is for you who have not yet come up with exactly what you want from your manicure. Something simple; Something intense? Something complicated? Why not combine them all into one? Certainly this manicure will not make you get bored easily. Combine abstract art with animal prints, designs and colors. Do not be afraid of change and indulge in the magic of carelessness.

Floral nails

floral nails
What is more colorful and joyful than some flowers? If you are a child of spring and flowers, you love florals and colors, then this design is for you. Small, colorful and discreet flowers adorn your nails. Choose a transparent or pink or milky base and draw small, colored flowers.

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Nails in a rainbow

rainbow nails
This idea, although it presents colorful nails, has a sense of harmony. Each nail may be different in color but they all come together with a color transition. Essentially, it becomes an ombre from one nail to another for a balanced image. You can try it with pastels, fluo or even colors of the same shade.

Different ombre

umbrellas of different colors
Ombre is a classic and well-worn nail trend. With a little differentiation, it will definitely become unique. So instead of doing just two ombre colors on all your nails, do a lot of colors. Choose a neutral base and five pastel colors. Each nail will have a different color but the result will definitely impress you!

Colorful French

Multicolored french nails
Another adored and favorite technique is the French on the nails. The usual way is done with a pink, beige or milky base and a white line on the tip of the nail. It’s time for a little variation. The base color will remain the same but the white line will change. Choose some of your favorite colors to take the place of white in this subversive French. It may be colorful but even so it will be quite discreet.

Pastel colorful nails

pastel colorful nails
This idea is quite simple. Pastel colors are quite popular all year round. Sometimes you do not know which to choose first. Do not get tired and choose everything. Find a color for each nail, go with a glossy coat and your colorful, pastel and of course chic manicure is ready!

French with sharp corners

bold French with colors
Following in the footsteps of classic French, we come across this striking variation. The tip of the nail is covered with another color and forms an angle in the center of the nail that reaches the end of the nail. A fairly modern design that of course gets a lot of changes. A different color on each nail and you are ready to surprise everyone with your fashionable nails.

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Nail galaxy

galaxy nails
The design of the galaxy is quite beautiful and worn. In the above ideas you may have encountered different colors in each nail but this idea is definitely more stable. Blue, yellow, pink, orange and purple are the colors that compose this idea. With a small touch of each, a light blend between them to look even on a neutral base and a few white splashes the galaxy design is ready. You can do the same with blue, purple, light blue, fuchsia and white splashes or with any combination you like. Get ready to travel them all with these nails.

Colorful mirror nails

colorful nails with mirror
If you definitely want to catch the eye and impress with a brilliant nail, then this idea is definitely for you. Choose five colors, preferably light. The mirror is a powder that makes this effect on the nails. When it comes on top of any color it darkens enough but it shows what color it is. These shiny nails will win the impressions and many will envy them.

Cow design in different colors

colorful nails with cow pattern
Animal prints have gained ground in the field of fashion and of course nails. One of the designs that has made a difference is the design of the cow. We usually find it in white – brown or white – black. Break the rules with a crazy plan. Make the design of the cow with a different design on each nail. You will definitely leave them all speechless.

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