With these simple tricks you can keep your nail polish up to a month

With these simple tricks you can keep your nail polish up to a month

Got some nails the dream of all women is beautiful, and for some men this is the dream At the center of attention, well-groomed hands can say a lot about a lady because this is his opening letter next to his face.

The presence of The manicure started in antiquity and was different in every country one of them gave another mystical meaning, it was considered as a true art in Egypt and from there they started to improve the products Cosmetics for this purpose.

It is said that in The fingertips are meridians on which the energy flows cosmic and the longer the nails There is more accumulated energy in them, which is why they were used very much at the time long.

In China Nails mean wisdom and help people to communicate with
Deities, so men can wear and decorate them for a long time
like women, but under certain indispensable conditions like noble
for example.

How do I make nail polish for a month?

In front paint your nails. Make sure they are clean
Remove alcohol with cotton, remove cuticles and soak in apple cider vinegar For a few minutes to let them air dry, rub the pot off
It does not shake enamel between the palms of the hands as bubbles form.

Apply layers use thin and no more than necessary, apply a second coat if the First of all, it is totally dry, say the experts, for the enamel it takes 6 hours to dry completely, during which time you can do several activities, but do not let them come into contact with water.

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Apply a cream moisturizing every day and when you go to some activity, use gloves, You can apply transparent enamel in a thin layer to protect the color.

Quality and avoid activities that can damage the manicure.

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