Matte lips: the colors that are in trend


Bet on matte lips, they will not fail in your look and they will always look irresistible. Know the colors you have to wear this season.
The lip color is the cherry on the cake in a look; yes, it is definitely that detail that makes the difference in an outfit. And as in clothing, lipsticks are also a trend, bet on matte lips.
Well-groomed lips with intense and avant-garde colors are very attractive. Do not miss this season to show yourself beautiful and confident with sensual lips.
It’s time to show off some sensational matte lips. Know the colors that we will see the most this autumn-winter:

DELICATO NUDE: It is a medium nude with slightly warm pink undertones.
VENEZIA VIOLET: Deep purple with warm tones.
ESSENZIALE NUDE: Medium nude with slightly warm gray undertones.
MAGNIFICENT PINK: Bright pink with a slightly reddish hue.Matte lips: the colors that are in trend

They are perfect tones to set trends and express your cosmopolitan sense. The best thing is that matte lipsticks are incredible because they last for hours.
Finish more than Mate, Mattissimo
Mary Kay is inspired by an Italian style to create these new shades of her Mary Kay Mattissimo® Matte Lipstick.
In these hyperpigmented lipsticks, the brand combines the modern with the recognized qualities of Italian artisan techniques. They are an extraordinary experience for your lips.
Definitely the Mary Kay Mattissimo® Matte Lipstick is our favorite, especially now that we must use masks everywhere, since the matte finish is the best option to feel beautiful at all times, since they last longer and the color is maintained.
What was your favorite tone? Buy your Mary Kay Mattissimo® Matte
Matte lips: the colors that are in trend

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