5 Trends in makeup that will dominate in 2021

5 Trends in makeup that will dominate in 2021

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Makeup trends surprise us every year. The trends are constantly changing and we could say that they are improving. In previous years we saw full face makeup, ie makeup looks complete with many products and not so natural results. 2021 is a year that promotes natural beauty with lighter and simpler paints. The goal is to highlight the natural beauty and not to distort the features of your face. Below you will find 5 beauty suggestions to incorporate in your painting the new year that is coming to us! Modern ideas for beautiful painting in 2021

Glowing skin with natural glows!

discreet painting distinctive makeup
A trend that we already see prevailing is plain skin with natural glows. In 2021 we do not want strong bases with a lot of powder, cuts, contouring, blush and all that. A light base with moderate coverage and a little shine inside is enough. If you love a little more shine you can add a little highlighter to your makeup but be careful not to overdo it to maintain your natural image!

Uphill, cat eyes!

formal makeup cat eyes in makeup
One of the most beautiful trends in makeup is the up, cat eyes, an idea that amazingly represents the beautiful model Bella Hadid. To achieve this make-up, all you have to do is ‘raise’ your shadow sideways upwards and highlight the inner corner of the eye with a little pencil or eyeliner. This way you will have given a longer shape to your eyes and your look will be very sexy and charming!

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Naturally thick eyebrows!

easy makeup painting with red lips
Fortunately, we leave behind all the trends and trends in makeup with fake, square eyebrows and in 2021 we highlight the natural shape of our eyebrows. Thick, slightly sloppy eyebrows are the absolute trend that will highlight your face a lot and will make you look well-groomed but natural. Make up artists even suggest combing them upwards to further enhance the natural result!

Soft contour on the lips for a natural result!

makeup for brown eyes natural makeup
As for your lips, we suggest you try a softer and not so strict contour. Especially in nude lipstick, this tip will make your lips look beautiful and natural. A glowing gloss in the finish is a must for any make up look, whether formal or everyday!

Shadow in the inner corner of the eye!

makeup with yellow shadow gentle painting
Finally try to put a little shadow in the inner corner of the eye to give shine. You can add a little color and leave the rest of your makeup simple. But if you prefer earthy makeup without color, you can put a little highlighter or a little white pencil instead of shadow. This detail will greatly highlight the shape of your eyes and will open your eyes!

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