Hair dyes that are spectacular for brunette girls

For some reason that we still do not understand, we always want to make some arrangement in our hair during the summer, perhaps it is due to the change of season or because we like the sun’s rays to reflect on our head. What we are sure of is that it is a good time to dye. Although current trends suggest that we take a risk for a vibrant tone, the truth is that not all girls want something crazy, especially brunettes, because we want a dye that matches our skin tone. If this is your case, keep reading. Here are the best tips to not fail in the attempt and look fabulous.

Coppery red

Girl with hair dyed in glossy brown color
Reds are perfect for warm skin, whether you wear it all over your hair or accompanied by lighting effects that provide greater movement and volume. This color makes the hair reflect the sun’s rays very intensely. In addition, it highlights the tones of brown skin.

Rubio Stone

Girl with dyed blonde hair with caramel highlights
This color is inspired by mineral rocks, which have different shades when sunlight reflects off them. In the case of hair, it is also known as the “sweep” effect because the platinum and blonde tones give it a unique shine. To achieve this, it is worked on a chestnut blonde base and then it is toned or bleached with ash and blonde tones. Then golden lights are made that are more intense at the tips.


Girl with hair dyed in chocolate color with red highlights
Cinnamon highlights are perfect with brown and reddish colors because they warm the face and allow it to have a healthier, tanned appearance.

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