Are you losing your eyelashes Seven good tips to control it

Are you losing your eyelashes Seven good tips to control it

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Women usually know how to do it. They look like their looks, their hair, their nails and all sorts of types. However, elements like your skin and other parts of your body are there some areas that they pay much more attention to.

One of those areas is undoubtedly eyelashes and that’s it These are protagonists when we put on our make-up, we look for the way
our make-up and especially our eyelashes look gorgeous.

Many women suffer from their eyelashes because they are very few
the eyelashes they have or almost don’t have, and they prefer to wear the false eyelashes. However, this can be quite tedious from day to day.

That is why we would like to help you today to manufacture your own product.
Eyelashes look much nicer and not only that, you get it too a much more natural way and without spending a lot of money. Pay close attention to this.

Beautiful eyelashes in home

Eyelashes are one of the most minimal aspects of ours However, they give our eyes a special touch and more than everything about our make-up and for that we have to be very careful.

Often these tend to fall a lot and we have practically no tabs. That makes us very worrying. So we have to look for a simpler and more effective way to protect them from the fall, and they’ll look nicer.

Today we’re going to give you some tips to keep in mind
These include:

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Discover the cause of the eyelash fall: It’s usually like that
caused by stress, however, if you fall a lot
See your doctor more than usual.

Avoid aesthetic treatments: If you have eyelashes, avoid using eyelash curlers and not only that, but also avoid eyelash masks as they can make the fall worse by weakening them.

Check your cosmetics: Try that your eyelash products are
Quality and not expired, this can cause your eyelashes to fall out and
The hair is scarce.

Do you have blepharitis? This inflammation of the eyelids can cause it
the case of eyelashes and it is important that you go to the doctor

Your hair is falling out: If you lose your hair, you can also lose your eyelashes because you have weakness.

Eat much better: The nutrients through good nutrition are
necessary. Try brewer’s yeast, coconut oil,
Spirulina, wheat germ, pollen, hemp, maca.

Castor oil: Apply castor oil every night

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