The 6 steps to do the right make-up remover!

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Suggestions for the right makeup are countless, but how do we properly rinse all these products from our face at the end of the day? Good make-up remover is very important to maintain the health and good condition of your facial skin. Wrong habits will make you look tired and will also make your skin look dull and dull. Make sure you spend a lot of time on your makeup remover, although it can be a not-so-fun process. Try to remove your makeup 100% with the right moves. Let’s see below the 6 steps to rinse properly! 6 Tips to wash off properly!

1. Prefer Micellaire water for a good make-up remover!

woman doing makeup remover
Micellaire water is a very good choice for removing your makeup. It is light and does not leave oil on the skin so it has a very nice feeling on the face. At the same time it is strong and with gentle rubbing it can easily remove makeup. If you use very stable or waterproof cosmetics, then prefer a Micaphile two-phase water which is oil based and thoroughly washes every product!

2. Avoid wiping wipes!

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Unfortunately, wipes are not enough to do proper make-up removal. Although it is the quick and easy solution, they do not remove makeup well and leave residues on your skin. Especially if you wash your face with wipes and then apply moisturizer, the dirt will penetrate your pores and you will most likely wake up with pimples! Prefer cotton, cotton pads or multi-purpose cotton cloths. Put a small amount of your liquid rinse aid in them and do not stop removing makeup until you see another product coming out of your cotton!

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3. Make gentle movements and avoid intense rubbing on the face and eyes!

happy woman holding cotton
Hard movements can irritate your skin, your eyes and your lips. Make gentle movements and pay more attention to your eyes as it is the most sensitive spot on your face. A tip for perfect rinsing of the mascara on the eyes is to let the cotton soak in your eyes for a few seconds after you have first put a little liquid rinse in it. So then with a few movements you will be able to remove the rest of the makeup much more easily and without injuring your eye or eyelashes!

4. Do not forget the neck area and the hairline!

makeup remover
If you do full face makeup, it is very likely that your products will reach up to the hairline at the top and down the neck. However, these areas are easy to forget during make-up removal. So the next time you wash off, make sure you pay attention to all the places you have put on makeup!

5. After removing make-up, wash your face with cleansing soap!

woman soaps her face
Whatever make-up remover you choose, it is necessary to wash your face with soap and water at the end. This is because this way you will remove any product that was not removed with the make-up remover as well as other dirt. It is also a necessary step before applying the last tip which of course is the moisturizer!

6. Moisturize your skin after makeup remover!

woman puts moisturizing face cream
Your skin suffers and dehydrates to some degree when you wear makeup, especially when it comes to many hours. So at the end of the day and after cleansing with cleanser and face soap you should not forget your moisturizer. It is a necessary step to maintain the freshness, elasticity and radiance of your skin!

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