Anti-wrinkle treatment for the contour of the lips

Anti-wrinkle treatment for the contour of the lips

The area of ​​the lips is the most sensitive apart from being one of the most visible. Therefore, we have to treat it with delicacy and effective natural products. The first thing is not to use creams or aggressive products for the skin, especially on depilatory creams.

We will give an anti-wrinkle treatment for the area around the lips that will help to soften existing ones. If we start treatment before leaving, your appearance will be delayed in time.

Step 1 for a natural peel

We do a natural peel with crushed tomatoes and a few drops of oil (olives, almonds or sunflowers). Let it rest for 15 minutes and remove it if you massage heavily with chamomile or chamomile infusion compresses

Step 2 Massage with rosemary essential oil

Once the skin of the lips is completely clean, use essential oil made from pure rosemary without mixing with other products. Massage the lip contour (upper and lower) gently. Let stand for an hour and do not remove them as you can make up for them.


Do not use after 6 p.m. (6 a.m.) as rosemary is stimulating and can cause insomnia. It can be used twice a day, unless you are hypertensive you should see it every 2 days and see the arterial result.

Duration of treatment

With normal blood pressure, intensive daily treatment can be carried out for 15 or 20 days. Then continue on other days.

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