10 SOS products to combat those annoying unexpected pimples

10 SOS products to combat those annoying unexpected pimples

Did you get an annoying pimple and have an important event? Quiet! These localized effect treatments will help you fight inflammation so you can show off perfect skin. Remember that these cosmetic options; If you suffer from severe acne, there is nothing better than going to a dermatologist for the right routine and products for you.

Calm everything well, Yuya

Youtuber and businesswoman Yuya has released a new product that promises to eliminate the swelling of the pimples, reduce whiteheads and hide superficial marks in a short time. To use it, you should only apply it to clean skin with a cotton swab directly on the affected area and let it dry. Withdraw until the next morning.

Anti-acne magic powder

This is a flagship product of the Sally Beauty chain of beauty products. According to its description, it improves skin problems instantly, reduces marks and calms the skin. Its antiseptic formula prevents future breakouts.

Mario Badescu drying lotion

The famous lotion is intended to dry out pimples. Its formula contains salicylic acid that promises to reduce the size of blemishes overnight. It is achieved here.

Tea tree oil

This oil is antimicrobial, that is, it reduces the growth of bacteria on the skin, a characteristic that makes it the perfect ally against surprise pimples. It is applied with a cotton swab and is left to act overnight. You can find it in many brands and prices.

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Sos Imperfection Correcting Face Gel by Yves Rocher

It gradually helps the pimple to disappear, so it is not as immediate. However, it does not cause irritation or dryness, which is perfect for sensitive skin. The best? It is a very economical product.

Clean and Clear advantage acne spot treatment

The Ordinary salicylic acid
Contains salicylic acid. It is an ideal product for when you need an almost immediate effect. However, it is not recommended to use if you have sensitive skin, as it can be a bit aggressive.

Eucerin Blemish Correcting Pen

If you need a product in your cosmetic bag that covers the imperfection and, at the same time, attacks it, this correction pencil will be your salvation. Its formula is antibacterial and does not contain fragrance. In addition, you can use it even with dermatological treatment.

Centella blemish cream, by Cosrx

This cream will help you to fade the marks left by pimples, as it contains gotu kola, an ingredient that provides hydration, renews tissues and delays the appearance of wrinkles. In no time you will not see a trace of that imperfection.

Acne patches

These patches are an effective and practical way to attack the pimple with a small dose of acne-fighting ingredients. Also, you can put makeup on top of them!

Salicylic Acid 2% Solution, from The Ordinary

Salicylic acid is a good ally in reducing puffiness and opening clogged pores, allowing pimples to dry out. This option from The Ordinary will fascinate you. Their prices vary by store and location. A quick little trick
Girl running ice on her face
For a mega emergency, pass ice over the inflamed area and let it act for a few seconds.

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