Amazing use of essential oils

Amazing use of essential oils

Unfortunately everyone Drugs that exist on the market have one negative repercussions They can cause some in our body side effect long-term in our body. From a simple pain pill to a strong antibiotic Mechanisms of action that change the way our bodies work and although they heal us from certain diseases Illnesses or complaintsin the end they are chemically not natural

In most cases the same Products that we currently use in our daily life several substances the end in our skin and in our body absorb, we consume others directly in Additives and preservatives in food or simply we use them in products from cleaning from our home and somehow we breathe them and enter our bodies. So what’s the solution? the essential oils.

You are one alternative perfect and total Naturally to medicines, personal care products, beauty products and even detergents. They are the products that are the most fashionable for those who take care of them health and even that ecology. Then I’ll tell you a little bit about all the immense information that these miraculous oils contain

How are they produced?

Large or small companies can have their own Cultures of herbs and fruits where the oils are obtained from, or they buy this raw material separately just to produce it. These are mainly produced through a called process distillation, but there are other methods like extraction through carbon dioxide and other solvents enfloración

Most are pure essential oils extract them the plants through the Steam distillation. The newly picked plants are suspend over boiling water and steam extract the oils of the plant. The steam rises, is collected in a container and pushed along the pipe. Then it cools down quickly and condenses in the water. Like water and essential oils You don’t mixthe two are separated and the essential oil is collected.

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The Citrus oils It is more common to extract them using Expression. This is the most straightforward method of making essential oils because they are made from the meat, seeds and skins of the plant. It is a process similar to that of extracting olive oil, using large presses.

How are these oils Products of natureThe quality is influenced, among other things, by the growth conditions of the plant, the respective plant species, the extraction process and the storage. They even affect the type of soil, temperature and cloud cover. To determine that quality It is important to review three key features Purity, quality and integrity.

Use and benefit

There are many uses if they are found in areas of human welfare. like in health, beauty, at home, for one spiritual balance and even for cooking. A very important part of the world of essential oils is that Aromatherapy The use of aromatic plant parts for improve your health and general well-being. This technique is just something you enjoy a lot, you have found many other benefits, breathe in The right scent can reduce that Stress or fatigue, pick up one depression induce the sleep, calm your soul or give yourself more energy.

Within the Aromatherapywere found Mixtures of oils which are applied directly in certain points the skin and above all bring many benefits cognitive for the people. You can also make blends of different oils that can apply when applied increase focus on your children when it comes to exams, to reduce the fear of being better at work and heal Symptoms of a cold.

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One of the many uses, and those that have found almost miraculous benefits, is in medicine One of the main benefits for headaches, no matter how severe they are, can always help you. Another very common use is for problems fromrespiratory tract like allergies, asthma or a simple cough.

In the world of Beauty and aesthetics You have found thousands of applications. Since its use as Facial toner until it is different Mixtures of essential oils that help many dermatological problems. For example, reduce acne problems and others Skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, sun spots, scars and many others. It is also used for the area of cosmetics around perfumes, hair treatments or even you can add it to your mascara and give it properties Eyelash growth.

In the household and for the whole family, you can give all the advantages mentioned above, but also many others that you cannot imagine, such as: natural repellent of flies for a picnic. That way you don’t worry about the little ones in the family who inhale toxic strong of the products that are on the market.

Another home use is for cleaningYou read well! You can replace any products that contain Ammonia, chlorine or acid this also damages the environment for new products that you manufacture; self they will hire and You will cleanse better your house

There are major leading brands in the market that use 100% organic raw materialsThey have their own plantings in different places around the world and a wide variety of products of all kinds. No matter where you buy them or why you use them, I highly recommend them inform you more on the topic and let’s go implement it Little by little you will not regret it in your daily life and you can really change your life.

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