5 Secrets of models for a healthy and beautiful body!


How many times do we all search the internet for model secrets to build or maintain their bodies? What they eat, how much they exercise, what is their routine. There are various rumors from time to time that in order to have a balanced body you have to exercise every day or starve or not eat ready-made food, etc. Today, I gathered for you the 5 most important tips of models for their lifestyle. If you follow them, you may reach your goal more easily in relation to your body, not only aesthetically, but also in terms of health. Do not forget that our health is linked to balance, at every level. Find out what the models advise you for a beautiful body with wellness!

Set a specific goal

I set goals
We are often carried away by an image we have seen and want to imitate. Others We want to lose weight. Others to put. Some we want to be sliced ​​and some to have a more “attractive” body, with curves and grips. The number 1 rule of models, then, is, after you decide what you want to achieve in your body, to keep your goal constantly in your mind. Keep your effort thinking in the long run and avoid the pleasures of the moment. For example, when you see a chocolate cake in front of you, think that if you eat it you will be happy for 15 minutes and disappointed for the rest of the day after.  Caution! Do not go to the other end of it to get addicted to the “program”. In order for your effort to have a result that you will maintain for a long time, you will have to reward yourself. You can, for example, do irregularities once a week, without exaggeration.

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Homemade food

cooked food
All models, even though they are all day running, from catwalk photography, etc., agree that the only way to keep your body beautiful and healthy is homemade food. I know it may seem unbearable to prepare tapers for the next day, but it is the only solution. Even snacks, between our meals, it is better to be homemade. For example, instead of a ready-made bar or trade granule that will load you up with calories and may not be as nutritious, you can make your own and store in airtight jars. Watch the video below with ideas on how to prepare healthy snacks and foods for the whole week in a single day. I tried it last week and it’s really practical. It motivated me to eat healthy and take care of my body!

 Food categories

woman saying no to snack
Even homemade food can lead us to the opposite of the desired result, if it does not include the right foods. In terms of the type of food, therefore, the models prefer to avoid bloated foods, such as savory snacks and limit dairy products.  They also avoid processed foods, such as outside food, and soft drinks. They suggest choosing at least 4 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and lean protein. Choose lean meat and fish at least 3 times a week for a balanced diet and healthy body.
fresh fruits and vegetables
The secret of the models for those who have a very fast pace of life is to prefer nuts or fruits as intermediate snacks, which are easily stored in the bag.

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Drink plenty of fluids

jug and glass of water
The common tactic that all models always follow is to increase water consumption. Every day, they consume 2 to 3 liters of water, as it activates the metabolism, reduces bloating and hydrates the body to withstand exercise and stress.  The tip of the models if we find it difficult to consume so much water daily is to drink green tea. Green tea also has incredible properties in relation to weight loss. You can drink 1 glass in the morning and 1 in the afternoon for example.
mug with green tea
Of course, when they say liquids they do not mean any type. Obviously, if your goal is to lose weight, you can not drink alcohol recklessly or put 3 tablespoons of sugar in your coffee! In any case, if you want to keep your body healthy, avoid soft drinks and ready-made juices.


woman doing various kinds of exercise
One of the most important secrets of the models. Depending on the goal of each one, you also adjust the exercise. It is not necessary to hit 7 in 7 days in the gym. Nor to exhaust your body to do abdominals like chessboard! All models, without exception, work out in some way. It is not just a matter of appearance, but of health and well-being of the body. Either they walk a lot, or they run, or they do some program at home or in the countryside. Because I know that the hard part is finding what suits you and what is right for your body, I suggest you try different programs on the internet. If you search, you will see that there are hundreds of fitness programs, with the secrets of the models, that show you their fitness routine.
people doing yoga
There are also “alternatives” to various types of dance, or pilates or yoga. Find one that you like to motivate you to exercise. According to the models, 2 times a week is a very good start! Extra tip from me: try not to push yourself too much and not to constantly deprive yourself of things. This way, you will not tire your body and you will be happy with a gradual improvement of your image that will last!

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