What is your biggest phobia according to your zodiac sign!

What is your biggest phobia according to your zodiac sign!

We all have phobias. Some bigger, some smaller and some have phobias we have never heard before. Okay, even the “fearless” have their Achilles heel. We said to put down the characteristics of each sign and see what is the biggest phobia of everyone. Sounds interesting right? Yes it does, at least if you ask me. Who knows, looking at what he says about your zodiac sign, there may be a correspondence with your phobia. What is your biggest phobia according to your zodiac sign? Ready to face it, let’s see!

What is the phobia of each Aries sign?

Aries suffers from severe morbidity. He does not want to be close to the sick because they are afraid of getting stuck, he does not want to get sick with anything because he considers it a sign of weakness and of course if he gets sick, he thinks he will die and he can not. Do not be surprised if you see an Aries carrying five, five antiseptics in his bag.


Taurus has a problem with change. They are afraid of change and do not want new things to enter their daily lives. Even the slightest change can upset them. If you have a Taurus girlfriend and she comes back to you from a hair salon just half a centimeter shorter than she wanted, she will talk to you for days.


Gemini has one of the most creative and at the same time stressful phobias. The fear of boredom and routine makes Gemini constantly energetic. They do not sit on their eggs and always find a new challenge. Routine can also make them depressed.

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Cancer suffers from desertophobia. This means that he is afraid that at some point everyone – friends and relatives – will abandon him and he will be left alone. For this reason, a Cancer is very caring and affectionate towards his close environment. He tries to keep everyone happy for fear of losing them.


The fear of Leo is not to do something wrong in front of people and be humiliated in public. He can not do it at all and if it happens to him he is able to change city, country, continent and he can wash away his shame. This child can not relax when he is out.


His mania for perfection is the one that scares the Virgo the most. He is afraid that he will not be perfect, that he is inadequate and useless to those around him. This fear that Virgo has of himself, makes him constantly strive to become better – to a hysterical degree. Maybe a break, a kit-cat would help our favorite virgins, right?


zigos, ediva.gr
Do not tell Libra to make a decision, you killed him. You can ask something as simple as wanting to go for coffee. His first answer will be that he has no problem and let him go somewhere you like. If you push him, he will panic. He can not tell you to make a final and final decision.


The permanently suspicious Scorpio is afraid that everyone will betray him at some point. That’s why he always listens to everything with a dose of suspicion and of course if it is an event, he will sit down to look and cross that what you are telling him is really right and you are not trying to deceive him. Keep your clothes, to have the halves says the proverb.

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Sagittarius is an independent creature by nature. His phobia is phobia. Yes, it does exist as a condition and causes the person to fear that he may become emotionally attached to someone – friendly or erotic – and lose his freedom. Because, for better or worse, caring for someone is a commitment and Sagittarius knows it very well.


Capricorn thinks as positively as he can, since his biggest fear is that he will not be able to achieve his goals. An additional to this fear is given by the ambition and determination of Capricorn that in case the result is not the most positive, the wings are cut off.


Beloved Aquarius suffers from claustrophobia. They do not want the enclosed spaces at all, so much so that if they have to go to the 5th floor and the elevator is tiny, they will prefer to go on foot and loaded with shopping to avoid it. They are large people and they just want it.


Dreamy Pisces are afraid of ending up unhappy. They live in a world of their own, which is created as they want it and they are afraid that the time will come for them to fall from their bubble and end up feeling unhappy.

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