What hurts every sign!

What hurts every sign!

Many times we are hurt by behaviors and sometimes by words. Some people tend to get heavier and get hurt more deeply, while others may forget about it right away. Our zodiac sign, among others, plays a role in them. Each sign of the zodiac has its own characteristics. Even if you do not believe in the zodiac signs too much, a reading of their characteristics will trouble you since you will find many of these elements in your character. But what hurts each sign? What behaviors are not tolerated?

What hurts everyone according to the sign Aries?

Aries sign
What hurts an Aries in a relationship is the end of it, especially when asked to calm down and be silent. Aries is quite an active sign and that is why he does not like to be told what to do and when to relax. If you tell him then you will definitely make things worse.


Taurus sign
Taurus does not accept hearing from his partner to call another person more charming than him. His ego is deeply hurt while he feels weaker and his morale drops. Not having the love he gives leads him to despair and disturbs his waters.


what hurts the sign of the twins
A Gemini can be hurt very easily by something you would say is funny when in reality it will not be so. As a Gemini you are quite smart and talkative with interesting ideas and opinions. So if one ignores all this, then it can hurt you.

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what hurts the sign of cancer
Cancers are quite emotional signs. However, they try hard not to show their vulnerability to anyone. A Cancer takes time to trust someone else precisely because they are afraid of getting hurt. That is why when a person has trusted and this offends him, he gets very hurt and feels lost.


what hurts the zodiac sign of Leo
If you are a Leo then you want to be the center of everything. Do you like to hear compliments about his appearance and personality? But there are days when a lion is not as bright as the others. That’s when attention needs to be paid. Conversations like “what your hair is like today” or “you do not look your best” can really hurt a Leo.


zodiac sign of the sign of Virgo
Virgo loves perfection. They want everything to do with them to be perfect, to have an organization and a series. But if the Virgo partner tells him that he needs to change his behavior or that he needs to set an example by the way someone else works, then he can really get hurt. This is because a person who trusts questions his abilities. See also which zodiac signs they love to go out all the time!


Libra zodiac sign
For Libra, friends have a very important role in their lives. Without friends Libra can not live. So if a partner tells Libra that he does not like his friends or even worse that he wants to get away from them then he is hurt. He does not like to hear anything negative about them because that equates to reducing himself.

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Scorpio zodiac sign
Scorpio is quite possessive and becomes jealous many times. A Scorpio can get hurt when his partner in a fight compares him to an ex. Generally, referring to anything positive from a previous partner can bother him. So why talk about the past when your present is here?


Sagittarius symbol
A Sagittarius is full of energy and appetite to discover everything, optimistic and amorous. Although he is friendly with everyone, he leaves only a few to see the child he hides inside. For this reason, if one of the people who trusted this side calls him immature, it can really hurt him a lot, since Sagittarius feels that his trust has been hurt. See also who is the best partner for you based on your zodiac sign!


Capricorn sign
Capricorn is one of the zodiac signs that loves independence. For this reason they want to receive the corresponding respect from the person close to them. A Capricorn loves hard work, is sensitive and romantic and has a sense of humor. As soon as he feels that his partner is not proud of him then he gets hurt.


symbol for the sign of Aquarius
Aquarius likes to be reminded of how special, special and unique a person he is. For this reason it can hurt a lot if one compares him to another, even if that other is his own mother. He wants his independence and many times his decisions are weird but they are still his.


Pisces zodiac sign
Pisces has a fairly creative mind. So, they are looking for a partner who will help them and complement them. They are dreamers so they can not bear to hear that they can not do something. They get upset when their plans fail and get hurt when their immediate environment does not support them but instead emphasizes that he had warned them.

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