You dreamed of a beloved: what does it mean?

You dreamed of a beloved: what does it mean?

Dreams, their content have always been of interest, I wanted to know why this or that character is dreaming of an event. The interpretation of dreams is the subject of study by psychologists and people with increased emotional sensitivity. Since ancient times, they have listened to interpreters of dreams, sometimes corrected their behavior, guided by the signs indicated in this or that sleepy prediction.

By the way, various interpreters interpret the same subjects in different ways, objects that appear in a dream. It is not worth absolutely believing in such stories, although the dream itself, the plot, the characters, their appearance or actions in night visions do not leave anyone indifferent.


Scientists have determined that sleep is a kind of rethinking of actions, meetings, events that impressed a person during wakefulness. No need to ask a girl in love, constantly thinking about a pretty classmate, why she dreams of a guy who likes. Since it is believed that dreams can predict the future, the girl is looking for an opportunity to find out what exactly this, today’s dream means, when the young man smiled, but walked past, or gained, even better – kissed …

What does it mean when a guy who likes is dreaming?
What does it mean when a guy who likes is dreaming?


You can’t say for sure whether it’s good or bad if a loved one appeared in a girl’s dream. Details and circumstances of the plot, time, state of mind, surroundings determine a lot. Psychologists of different times, who make up dream books, write about why a guy who likes is dreaming of in different ways. It can only be firmly asserted that a virgin in love thinks about the subject of her dreams constantly, no matter what she does during the day.

in fact, the reason why a guy who likes is dreaming may be because the girl is constantly thinking about him.
in fact, the reason why a guy who likes is dreaming may be because the girl is constantly thinking about him.

The most popular dream books of Miller, Tsvetkov, Vanga, Freud, Nostradamus, Longo, Assyria … The list goes on and on.


Vanga’s prophecies and interpretations cannot always be immediately understood; they came to the soothsayer often during sleep, in the form of blurry images, symbols, sensations. Vanga suggests paying attention to how dressed, how a guy behaves in a dream, whether he is handsome. The sloppiness and bad manners of the night guest speaks of a fragile relationship, and his ostentatious courtesy, obsequiousness portends your disappointment in him.

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Find out what it means if you dream of a guy who likes, by Wang.

The soothsayer tells what it means if a guy who likes is dreaming, and he is indifferent to you in a dream – in fact, you should expect a significant warming of relations.


Miller’s book was still popular with our great-grandmothers, this is a kind of adviser-interpreter, turning to him, you can independently explain the vision, draw conclusions, warnings. The author does not intimidate, helps to understand the reasons for the dream, to understand not only what it is dedicated to, but also to pay attention to real friends and foes.

Look in the dream book, what it means if you dream of a guy who likes, and he is angry, screaming or misbehaving.
Look in the dream book, what it means if you dream of a guy who likes, and he is angry, screaming or misbehaving.

Miller agrees with Wang that if night vision of a guy tries to make a good impression, in reality everything is exactly the opposite. Disappointment and breakup are predictable, no need to be upset. But if he is brutal and defiant, out of sleep relationships develop remarkably.

Mr. Miller knows what it means if you dream of a guy who you like – luck in business that is far from hearty is quite possible.


Mr. Tsvetkov’s dream book of Yevgeny warns what a kiss is for, and even with a guy who likes him — wait for trouble. Small, annoying, troublesome, you can even get a little ill, but everything will pass quite quickly.

Answers Tsvetkov and the question, why is a guy who likes a dream? Yes, because your head can’t think of anyone or anything else, either in a dream or in reality.


Sigmund Freud’s dream book is of serious interest to psychologists and specialists, however, all interpretations are primarily sexually oriented and are explained by psychological problems of childhood.

There is also a dream book of Freud
There is also a dream book of Freud

Michel Nostradamus possessed unconditional psychic abilities, saw prophetic dreams and, proceeding from them, interpreted many events reflected in dreams. The ability to see prophetic dreams is not uncommon, it is inherent in most people, and manifests itself in special times, in special situations. For example, war, social upheavals, the destructive consequences of the elements – against such a background, feelings escalate, facts and expectations intertwine, anticipating the possible consequences, events, actions of individuals.

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All authors of dream books are united in that it is impossible to correctly interpret the manifested prediction without paying attention to the details. Sometimes it’s they that allow us to say with certainty what will happen in the near or distant future. The dream book writes: a guy who likes is dreaming, adding, for example, that he is carefully dressed. Most likely, he suffers from narcissism. A smiling and joyful person is always good, and a crying person promises a sad event.

Important! Do not believe a single dream. Usually indications of the future are repeated three times. And the fulfillment of the prediction should be expected from the day following the vision to 9 months.


Often dreams of a kiss with a man who likes. Opinions differ to the opposite, but much depends on the details. An innocent kiss with a young man promises a pleasant conversation in the company of nice people. If the matter happens in the dark, and even with passion, the danger of a dissolute life lies ahead. And during the day you can kiss, nothing will happen for it.

Most dream books warn that if you dream about a kiss with a guy you like, it portends not the best prospects – a handsome man who is waking up will most likely turn out to be a macho narcissist, if this guy has a girlfriend, but it’s not you, do not expect anything good either. Kissing with a loved one – for treason, and with a stranger – for good news and surprises.


Past affections do not leave us in a dream. What can a guy who liked before dream about, because everything is already behind? Apparently, unresolved issues remained, his feelings did not quench, he needs your attention. Or maybe there will be an accidental meeting, memories of past days.

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You hugged

Hugs have great energy, it is no coincidence that in a dream we can hug a loved one, children, friend, girlfriend. Lovers are surprised at why girls often dream that she wants to hug a guy she likes, or he is hers. Hugs in a dream, as a rule, report an imminent pleasant event of a personal nature – an important meeting, a romantic date, engagement or wedding.

If you had a hug and a kiss with a guy you like, but you are at the station, in the crowd of departing, an emergency separation is very possible.

You texted

Now we rarely receive letters, real, in envelopes, and correspondence comes down to exchanging short phrases on the Web, SMS. If the ex-boyfriend dreams, his virtual letters to you – to the disagreement, and short notes promise good luck in life.

In a dream, it is very possible to get a hand-written letter on paper, to answer it. Such correspondence usually indicates a future business, a successful business. Success in business also promises when gold is dreamed.


A white wedding dress may dream on the eve of significant changes in life, new acquaintances with a possible continuation, new work, interesting and fascinating.

When you see a wedding dress in a dream, try to remember it in detail – whether it was clean, whole, did not change during sleep. Dirt promises trouble, gusts of fabric – to losses, a change in style – to events associated with new acquaintances.

Of great importance is the lunar day, on which the dream arose, the day of the week, time. Saturday night is considered the most important, and daytime does not count.

Sleep is grace given to us by nature to rest, calm, and organize emotions. Visions that come during a night’s rest sometimes make you think, disturb or fill with hope. I wonder how you feel about the interpretation of the dream book that you dreamed of a guy who likes? Do you believe in the predictions of dreams, did they come true for you?

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