Dreamed of apples: what does it mean?

Dreamed of apples: what does it mean?

Could you think that an ordinary apple that you dreamed about last night could carry very important information for you? In fact, we do not pay enough attention to the interpretation of our dreams, and therefore miss many signs from our subconscious.

So let’s find out today what a dream about an apple can mean.



Miller believed that dreams about apples could almost always portend something good. This is especially true for dreams, where the fruits are accompanied by beautiful green foliage.

  • According to Miller’s dream book, to see beautiful ripe apples means that soon a streak of luck will come and you will be able to fulfill all your cherished dreams. But it is important that you do not miss this period, and be ready to act actively.
  • If you see apples under a tree – be careful: someone wishes you harm and can start intrigues.
  • Bad, rotten fruits are a sign that you are trying on something empty.
  • If the dreamer eats bad fruits, then this means trouble for him.


According to the famous clairvoyant, apples symbolize wisdom. Plucking fruit from twigs means that in the near future your life can dramatically change. Something will create in you an interest in the essence of earthly phenomena.

  • If a dreamer bites and eats an apple, a new and very useful acquaintance awaits him. This person will help you gain wisdom and become more adult. But be sure to respect his help, otherwise you may get problems.
  • If you happen to see wormy fruits, get ready for the bad news.
  • Cutting an apple in a dream – you will soon have to pay for your mistakes and actions.
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Jigsaw by Freud

If in a dream you eat a beautiful ripe apple, then this is an indicator that in real life you could not have an intimate relationship with the desired person.

To see wormy apples is to suspect your chosen one of treason. But this does not mean that in reality there was treason. Talk to your soulmate, and these thoughts will no longer appear in your dreams.

why do women dream in a dream


Nostradamus believed that to see a big apple in a dream means that soon you will be able to do something significant.

  • Rotten fruits – a project or business that you undertook will fail.
  • To bite a fruit – you will meet a person who will actively influence your future fate. Nostradamus also believed that such dreams could carry more ambitious signs. For example, such a dream may mean that a woman will soon come to power in your country.
why red apples dream



If you rely on the data of most dream books, then we can confidently say that apples in a dream portend a happy family life or an early pregnancy for a woman.

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If a lady sees in an dream an apple tree with many fruits, then this certainly promises her an early pregnancy. Therefore, she needs to abandon bad habits in advance and prepare the body for change. Seeing apples in the snow is definitely a good sign that promises a quiet life. She will fully enjoy her family and work.
If the girl will cut the fruit, then she should not be trusted with unverified information. It is possible that soon she will become a victim of gossip. If she sees beautiful ripe apples in a dream, then in reality she will be able to make some discovery for herself. She expects great success in her activities.
If you dream of red and green fruits at the same time, then in real life she will have to face a choice in her personal life.


Seeing red apples in a dream means that in real life you have a very persistent and vibrant character. You have firm principles, but they do not always help you in life.

It also means that you are a favorite of the opposite sex, and it is not a problem for you to have new bright relationships.

If the red fruits begin to rot, then this is a sign that the dreamer is not satisfied with his sexual relations. It may also mean that you are still in love with your previous partner.

why do green apples dream


  • See beautiful green apples – you will have wonderful family relationships, as well as success in all your endeavors.
  • To pluck such a fruit from a tree – a person will soon appear who will be able to bring new emotions and a storm of passion into your life.
  • If you saw how you cut green fruit, then in real life your new relationship will quickly end.
  • Seeing green fruits on a tree – replenishment is expected soon in your family. If you still can’t have children, then it can be some kind of pet.
  • If the dreamer buys green apples – his personal life will go up, and he will be able to meet a new love.
why dream of picking apples?


Collect beautiful and ripe fruits that lie on the ground – soon you will fall on success and incredible luck in the field of work.
If you have gathered a huge basket or box – your bosses will be able to fully appreciate your abilities and desire to work. You will be rewarded for your efforts.
You pluck the fruits from the very top of the apple tree – you need to not be so arrogant, otherwise because of this behavior you will fail all the important things that you planned. A little modesty will allow people to look at you from the other side and find out more. Let them help you, and help others.
To select bad fruits from good ones – you are well versed in people and can separate good friends from bad ones. Your loved ones will always come to your aid. If, when choosing good apples, you notice that they are all rotten, then this is a sign that all your friends and acquaintances are not truly sincere with you.

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Tearing the fruit from the tree and eating it with greed – you are striving for new knowledge, and soon you will need it.
Picking fruits from a tree and biting – you cannot find your way or make any decision. But you must come to terms with the fact that you still have to make a decision, and this dream is a sign to the moment when there is no time to sort out the “apples”.
If you eat a wormy apple, you will soon find out information that will not be true. Check everything that people tell you. Even if it comes from a loved one, he can tell a lie with benefit for himself.
There is a green, unripe and tasteless fruit – in real life, someone is brazenly lying to you. It may also mean that you are not capable of making sound and wise decisions. Reconsider your attitude to serious matters, otherwise it may end in disrepair.


  • Seeing the fruits on a tree and picking them – soon you will get great success with the opposite sex. You will be welcome, and surrounded by attention.
  • Apples fall from the tree due to the fact that there are many of them – an indicator that in reality you cannot control your actions and emotions. You should slow down and take a sober look at your life.
  • Catch the fruits that fall from the tree, and eat – you will be able to succeed in all endeavors.
  • Collecting immature fruits – you will soon fail on the love front.
  • If the fruit on the tree is spoiled by insects – expect treason from your chosen one. If you are not in a relationship, then expect betrayal from a best friend or girlfriend.


If in a dream a man dreams that he collects red apples – in real life he will be able to quickly get rid of his rivals and competitors.
If a man was treated with fruits, they will try to involve him in a risky business, which may adversely affect his reputation. To see how he eats fruit is an indicator that it is necessary to pay more attention to the state of health. An apple on a plate means that the man will soon find out what he better not know.

Throwing fruit in boiling water – something will go wrong, and you will have to witness the sad events. To see a golden-colored apple in your hand – in reality, gain power and recognition. If a man collects apples from the ground, then in real life he tries to get what is inaccessible to him.

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IF rotten apples

Seeing rotten apples in a dream is not the best sign. That can mean a lot, but do not panic and do not sort out all the troubles that can happen to you.

So, a rotten apple in a dream can bode a quarrel with a loved one and because of this the melancholy and sadness of both.
If the dreamer collects such fruits, expect an unpleasant meeting and a long conversation about what will not bring pleasure.

what do apples on a tree dream about

Also, a rotten apple may be the news of your brain about the disease. Treat such a dream as good, because you have a chance to detect the disease in time and fight it effectively.

Another interpretation is anger and anger that you keep in yourself. Reconsider your relationship to some person. Perhaps he did not deserve this negativity, which, first of all, harms you.

The last unpleasant interpretation is deception by your loved one. Or this person knows that you were deceived, and does not pay due attention to it.


If you cut the fetus, and it is full of worms, then be prepared for the danger that awaits you. If trips are planned, then it is advisable to postpone them. Be careful on the water.

Also, a wormy fruit can mean your distrust of your soulmate. Talk frankly, otherwise such thoughts can ruin your relationship.

If you see a worm that crawled out of an apple, then in your environment there is a person who is very envious of you and is fraught with anger. Take a closer look at your close friends. Also, soon you will be able to find out about his tricks to the detriment of you.

To bite an apple and accidentally see a worm in it – you have serious health problems. Go to the hospital. Perhaps you ignore the symptoms and think that this is due to body fatigue.

To bite a fruit with worms and swallow it means that someone is injurious to your health. Keep track of what you eat and drink in real life. Perhaps some person specifically ruins your food. Also, such a dream can promise influence from the magical side.

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This is all the information we wanted to share on this topic. True, interesting meanings? And what dreams do you dream most often? Have you ever dreamed an apple? Write about it in the comments!

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